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27 Nov. 2022


Issuing a Polish national visa by mail: detailed instructions

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Issuing a Polish national visa by mail: detailed instructions

Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car

The issue of obtaining a Polish national visa without coming to the territory of Ukraine is becoming more and more relevant for Ukrainians living in Poland. Currently, it is possible to issue it without your own presence, if you send a package of documents through the Meest Express postal service. Detailed instructions from the Lviv Visa Center are below.

Which Ukrainians have the right to issue a Polish national visa by mail?

The visa application service by mail is available only to citizens of Ukraine who:

• have a valid invitation to work in Poland;

• have an invitation to study at a country's university;

• is the owner of a private company in the Republic of Poland;

 issued a Pole's Card and on its basis plan to submit documents for a national visa.

Please note that only a Polish national visa can be issued by post. You can submit documents for a Schengen visa and a permit for small cross-border traffic exclusively at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland.

The first stage is registration for processing documents

Fill out the registration form on the E-konsulat website and receive the deadline for submitting documents.

Second stage – Prepare the necessary documents

1. Visa application form – fill it out on the E-konsulat website, print it out and put your own signature in the two appropriate fields on the third page. 

2. Photo size 3.5x4.5 cm (color).

3. The original of a foreign passport that was issued within the last 10 years and has at least two free pages for a visa.

Importantly! The passport must be valid for another 3 months after the end of the planned period of stay in Poland, i.e. if you are applying for a visa for the period from January 1, 2023, to July 1, 2023, then the passport must be valid at least until October 1, 2023.

4. Copy of the first page of the foreign passport with photo and personal data.

5. Сopy of the internal passport (all pages with marks).

6. Medical insurance policy issued by an insurance company whose policies meet the requirements specified in the Law on Foreigners. The policy must be valid on the territory of the European Union for the entire period of stay in the country and for an amount of at least 30,000 euros. The insurance policy is sent only in the form of a copy or a printed copy of the electronic version. It is not necessary to send a check for payment for the policy.

7. Document confirming the place of residence in Poland (invitation or hotel reservation).

8. Document that will confirm the purpose of stay in Poland (extended list at the link). If the invitation is available only in electronic form, it is enough to send a printed copy of it, if there is an original with wet seals, it is necessary to provide the original.

9. Consent to the processing of personal data, signed by the applicant.

10. Financial support for the period of study (for students).

The third stage is to pay the service fee of the Visa Center

The fee for processing documents for a visa to Poland can be paid through the EasyPay service or through Kredobank. Only the specified financial institutions accept payment for the services provided. Payments made in other institutions will not be taken into account.

Fourth stage – Send the documents using the postal service "Meest Express"

The questionnaire to the Visa Center in Lviv and documents in the reverse direction are forwarded by the company's courier. Before sending the documents, you must create a transport declaration using the link. The identification number of the declaration will be automatically transferred to the visa center. You can use it to track your shipment.

Before sending the documents, it is necessary to pay the services of the postal company in the amount of 495 hryvnias (both ways) through the EasyPay service or the company's payment terminal.

Importantly! Be sure to add a check for payment of the postal company's services to the package of documents. Documents will not be accepted for work if the Visa Center does not receive confirmation of payment.

The fifth stage is application processing and return of documents

The postal company will deliver your documents to the visa center. If the package of documents is complete, the visa center will take it to work. The visa application will be forwarded to the Consulate for consideration. After processing the application form and issuing a visa, your passport will be returned to you via the "Meest Express" service at the address previously confirmed by you for receipt.

More information about the service and video instructions for the link.

We will remind you that earlier we were told that from September 22, Ukrainian drivers can apply for a national visa in Poland.