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Temporary protection in Ireland: how to apply, PPS number, social support

For refugees


Temporary protection in Ireland: how to apply, PPS number, social support

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

Ireland has become a refuge for 65,000 Ukrainians and continues to accept refugees. The Prime Minister of the country, Michael Martin, said that Ireland had never before encountered such numerous of people fleeing war, however, despite certain difficulties, the state government does not plan to talk about stopping the reception of refugees from Ukraine.

The leadership of Ireland provides Ukrainians with temporary protection, provides financial and social support and actively promotes the integration of Ukrainians.

However, we draw your attention to the fact that the issue of accommodation is very acute in the country. Therefore, please note that you may be temporarily homeless after arriving in Ireland, but the government is actively working to resolve this issue.

Rules of entry

For entry into Ireland, Ukrainians are accepted with government-issued identification documents, including expired passports, internal passports, birth certificates or national identity cards. It is not necessary to issue a visa, as of February 25, 2022, Ireland has completely abolished visa requirements for all citizens of Ukraine.

There are also no restrictions due to the Covid-19 epidemic. From 6 March 2022 proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test is not required to enter Ireland.

Arriving in the country with pets is allowed. However, from 9 November 2022, Ireland will not provide free accommodation to temporarily displaced persons arriving with pets. Crossing the border is possible on general grounds. If documents are missing (such as vaccinations), you should notify the Irish Department of Food, Agriculture and the Marine in advance.

Where to get help in Ireland?

Ukrainians can get help directly at the airport of arrival in Dublin. Also, centers for providing assistance to displaced persons from Ukraine are located in three cities of the country:

• Cork - Cork City PSC and PPSN Centre, Department of Social Protection, Hanover Street, Cork, T12 PX62 (Cork City PSC and PPSN Centre, Department of Social Protection, Hanover Street, Cork, T12 PX62).

• Dublin - Guild Building, Cork Street, Dublin 8, D08 XH90 (Guild Building, Cork Street, Dublin 8, D08 XH90).

• Limerick - 2nd Floor, Riverstone House, 23-27 Henry Street, Limerick City, V94 R7YE (2nd Floor, Riverstone House, 23-27 Henry Street, Limerick City, V94 R7YE).

Work schedule:

• Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - from 09:15 to 17:00;

• Thursday - from 10:30 to 17:00;

• Friday - from 09:15 to 16:30.

For help with receiving social benefits and with issues of document preparation, contact Іntreo administrative service centers.

Temporary protection in Ireland

Ireland provides asylum to Ukrainians on the basis of the Directive of the European Council on temporary protection. The permit is issued directly at Dublin or Limerick airports. During passport control, the immigration officer will ask you a few questions and give you a letter of permission, also known as a 'yellow letter', which gives you the right to live in Ireland for 1 year with the option to extend your status.

If you arrive at another airport or by ferry, you need to contact the local Іntreo social service. It is not necessary to apply for refugee status in Ireland, given that the procedure for its registration has a number of restrictions.

Applying for an Irish Personal Public Service (PPS) number

In order for a Ukrainian to gain access to medicine, the labor market, and education, it is necessary to have a PPS number issued by the Department of Social Protection. You can get it directly at the Ukrainian assistance center at the airport or at the local Іntreo center.

PPSN is a unique identification number that contains 7 digits and two or three letters at the end. Every adult and child must complete it. The application for obtaining a number is submitted in person. You must have with you: a Ukrainian passport, a national identity card (ID card) or another document confirming your citizenship.

After registration of the PPS number, a plastic PSC card (Public Services Card) will be sent to your post office, on which your PPSN and photo will be written. You will need it to register with government agencies in Ireland and to identify and confirm the PPS number.

Housing in Ireland

The amount of affordable accommodation in Ireland is currently very limited, so you will need to stay where there is affordable accommodation at the time of your arrival. A Ukrainian can be accommodated in a hotel room or in schools and large sports halls, with the prospect of gradual relocation to vacated rooms.

Prices for renting housing in the country are quite high. A private room in a shared apartment will cost about €950 per month, a house in a small town will cost €1,500, and in the capital it will cost about €2,500 per month. Also, you should expect to pay for utilities - from €100 per month.

You can find housing by following the link.

Financial assistance

After the PPSN is issued, you will be able to count on social benefits. The maximum amount of assistance is €208 per week (€830 per month) per adult. The money will arrive weekly to your local post office or bank account.
Child benefit is €140 per month for each child. The application is submitted automatically when you receive your PPS number.

Medical services

Access to medicine, provision of necessary medicines, including visits to general practitioners, is provided immediately after receiving the PPSN. All services are free for Ukrainians who have obtained the status of temporary protection.

If you are ill and need medical advice, you should contact your family doctor (GP). Before the visit, you usually need to make an appointment. You can find a family doctor by following the link. If you do not have a medical card, the cost of the appointment is between €50 and €60.

In an emergency - call 999 or 112 and call an ambulance.

We also advise you to have travel insurance for the period until you complete all the necessary documents, because this is a guarantee of your safety and a peaceful stay outside of Ukraine.

Where to look for work?

Obtaining temporary protection in Ireland gives you the right to work immediately without the need to obtain an additional work permit. You will have access to the labor market at the level of EU citizens.

You can search for a job through Іntreo - a local social service, here you can find a job according to your experience or get access to qualification courses. Ireland needs construction workers and programmers the most. Of course, knowing English will make it easier to find a job.

You can also search for a job independently on the following sites: UA Talents, JOB for Ukrainians, Hire for Ukraine.

In Ireland, the minimum hourly rate for employees is €10.50 per hour.

We will remind, in Ireland, the hiring of Ukrainian refugees for certain categories of specialists has been simplified. The country also provides Ukrainian refugees with free courses and scholarships.


Ukrainian children have the opportunity to study in Irish schools without hindrance from the date of their arrival in the country.

Education in schools is free. In addition, schools provide free textbooks and uniforms. Children are sent to school at the age of 4-5.

Kindergartens in Ireland are private and paid, an hour of education costs about €12. However, it is possible to apply for the state Esse program, which compensates the kindergarten for three hours of the child's education per day.

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