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06 Dec. 2022


How to apply for a residence permit in France: 9 options for staying in the country

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How to apply for a residence permit in France: 9 options for staying in the country

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

In 2022, France simplified entry and stay conditions for Ukrainians. Currently, it is possible to live in the state on the basis of temporary protection - a special shelter that the EU countries introduced for Ukrainians fleeing the war. However, this status has a limited validity period, i.e. when the Council of European States decides that the conditions of stay in Ukraine have become safe, the document will be canceled, and all Ukrainians will have to leave France.

If a Ukrainian does not plan to return to the Motherland, then in order to continue his stay in France, a new permit must be issued - a long-term visa or a permit for permanent residence.

Grounds for issuing a residence permit in France

• Getting married - you must marry a French citizen.

• Family reunification – in the case of close relatives living in France, a Ukrainian has the right to join his relative and move to France on a PMP.

• Work under an employment agreement - it is necessary to have a contract with an employer who will apply for a long-term visa for the employee. The application is considered for 1.5 months. The permit is issued for 1 or 10 years.

• Opening a business - on the basis of French law, it is necessary to open a company or representative office or branch of a Ukrainian company, apply for a merchant card (considered 5-7 months), become a manager in your own company and, based on this, issue a residence permit. If the company is profitable, then after 5 years you can apply for French citizenship.

• Issuance of a permit for financially independent citizens without the right to work - granted to foreigners who prove financial independence and a stable source of income, which allows them to live in France without having to work there. Minimum monthly income: from €2,000.

• Studying is a very popular and affordable option for moving to France, because studying here costs quite moderately, foreign students are admitted to universities without restrictions. If you prove yourself during your studies, it is possible to get a job after graduation.

• Issuance of a residence permit when purchasing real estate - the document is issued for a period of 1 year with the possibility of extension. However, it is worth noting that it is not allowed to work on the basis of this permit.

• Passport talent – a permit for foreigners who can make a significant contribution to the French economy, culture, science or sport.

• The possibility of living on the territory of the state for pensioners.

How to issue and for what period is a residence permit issued in France?

At the first stage, you will be issued a long-term visa of category D for 1 year. It is possible to issue a PMP after 3 years of residence in the country (in some cases, according to the accelerated procedure, after 1 year). A residence permit is issued for a period of up to 10 years, most often the document is issued for the maximum period for scientists, artists, other talented workers and spouses of French citizens.

Visa documents are issued at the French embassy. At the second stage, you need to register at the Office for Integration and Immigration. The extension of the permit is handled by the Office representative at the place of residence.

Basic requirements for obtaining a permanent residence permit in France

• Availability of housing - purchased as property or rented under a long-term contract.

• French language - at least at a conversational level.

• Financial stability - it is necessary to be employed in France (have an appropriate employment contract) or have another source of income, at the rate of €2,000 per month.

• Absence of criminal record and debts.

• Age over 18 years.

More details about the procedure for obtaining a long-term visa or a permanent residence permit in France: the required package of documents, contact details of institutions, application deadlines and many other useful information are collected on the Visit World portal.

Choose the country, the purpose of the trip and your citizenship, and you will immediately receive structured information about any purpose of the trip. If you want an individual review of your situation, order legal advice from a local specialist on the website.

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