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Work in Europe for Ukrainians: employment in Poland, France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany

For refugees


Work in Europe for Ukrainians: employment in Poland, France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

European countries have given Ukrainians access to their own labor markets. With temporary protection, each refugee can find a job to provide for his own needs. Read more about the peculiarities of job search in Europe countries.

Work in Poland

Poland was the first to welcome refugees from Ukraine. Anyone who has received a PESEL number can work here. For Ukrainians who arrived after the start of the full-scale invasion, it is not necessary to issue a work permit. You can immediately sign an employment contract with the employer.

The minimum wage in the country is 3,000 zlotys (about 800 euros), it can be received both in cash and by card.

For more details about employment conditions in the country, see the link.

A separate portal was created for convenient job search for Ukrainians in Poland. The local employment center will also help you find a job in the country.

Work in France

In terms of size, the French labor market ranks 2nd in Europe and 7th in the world. Industrial enterprises operate in the country. The fields of fashion, tourism and IT are also quite developed. It is currently a good period for job hunting in the state. Corporations are gradually resuming their activities after the coronavirus epidemic and increasing the number of employees. That is why many new vacancies appear every day.

The minimum wage in France, after deduction of taxes, is about 1,300 euros. The average salary in the country is 2,200 euros. Taxes are deducted from your salary automatically.

Officially employed workers in France are guaranteed a stable income and appropriate social guarantees – health insurance, vocational training, transport compensation, etc.

Labor relations between an employer and an employee can be drawn up in two types of contracts - fixed-term and open-ended.

To find a job, we advise you to contact the local employment center Pole Emploi. Here you can get advice on employment and features of the country's labor market. In the center, you will be offered a job that does not require special experience or qualifications: salesperson-consultant, handyman, merchandiser, etc.

You can search for a job independently on the following resources: Indeed, Monster and Meteojob.

Conditions of employment in Italy

For employment in Italy, as in other EU countries, it is necessary to obtain the status of temporary protection.

The country most needs specialists:

    • for seasonal work - harvesting;

    • hotel and restaurant workers;

    • social workers – care for the elderly, nannies;

    • medical workers;

    • engineers.

The average salary in the country is about 2,400 euros. There is no minimum wage in Italy. The amount of wages in individual regions is determined in agreement with the local trade unions of CCNL.

You can search for a job through the Employment Center (CPI) or private recruiting companies (APL). Job centers help candidates write resumes, find internships, and start their own businesses.

Work in Great Britain

The advantages of employment in Great Britain include:

    • a simplified system for registration of temporary protection;

    • the state language is English, which is spoken by a larger percentage of Ukrainians than, for example, French or Italian;

    • the period of economic reconstruction after the pandemic - enterprises resume their work, new jobs appear;

    • the need for a highly qualified workforce.

The country's labor market urgently needs specialists in the field of medicine, the public sector, construction, as well as engineers and teachers.

The average salary is 2,000 pounds per month (about 2,200 euros). Taxes are deducted automatically by the company manager from your payment.

Ukrainians looking for work in the legal, medical or educational fields will have to pass an assessment of their own qualifications and confirm their competence.

We recommend starting your job search on the official website of the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Diia.Business also compiled a list of sites and resources for finding a job in Great Britain. If you cannot find a job on your own, you can contact agencies that help you find a job in the country.

Employment conditions in Germany

Ukrainians are actively employed in Germany. In-demand professions include: doctors, engineers, social workers and IT developers.

The salary level here is indicated in the amount of income for the year without deduction of taxes. The average salary in the country is around 4,000 euros, but the tax rate is between 14% and 45%. Everyone fills out the tax declaration independently.

To get a job in a German company, you need to know the language.

In more detail, we talked about the main rules of employment in Germany and what you need to consider when moving to this country.

When looking for a job abroad, the main thing is not to become a victim of fraudsters, what you should pay attention to, read here.

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