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04 Apr. 2024


Denmark for Ukrainians in 2024: how to arrange protection, social support and basic rules for refugees

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Denmark for Ukrainians in 2024: how to arrange protection, social support and basic rules for refugees

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Denmark has continued to provide refugees with shelter on its territory. Find out more about how to obtain temporary protection in Denmark, the rules for entering the country, finding work and housing in 2024

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

In 2024, Denmark, like many other EU countries, continues to accept Ukrainians and grant them the status of temporary protection. In general, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, more than 40 thousand of our fellow citizens have received temporary shelter here. Currently, you can stay in the country until March 17, 2025.

How to apply for temporary protection in Denmark in 2024 and what social support can be obtained? Details in our new material.

How to get to Denmark from Ukraine?

You can get to Denmark in one of the following ways:

- By plane from the territory of the EU countries, a convenient option is from Poland. The ticket costs about 2,600 hryvnias.

- Bus flights that run regularly from Ukraine. A ticket to Copenhagen from Kyiv costs from 4 thousand hryvnias.

- By own car.

Entry rules for Ukrainians in Denmark in 2024

Entry to Denmark is carried out on general grounds - with a valid biometric international passport.

When entering with a non-biometric foreign passport, it is necessary to obtain a so-called guest visa. The Danish police issues emergency visas of this category to citizens of Ukraine when they enter Denmark (at the border). As a rule, an emergency visa is issued immediately after entering Denmark. At the same time, due to a significant number of appeals, the time for information processing by the competent authorities has significantly increased. In this regard, the citizen will be asked to surrender his passport to the police in accordance with the Danish Aliens Act. The visa will be issued in a few days. Until the visa is issued, citizens must remain at the address they gave to the police upon arrival (i.e. the tracking location in Denmark).

Persons without documents or with an "internal passport" (ID card, Passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of a book) are advised to have an accompanying person who lives in Denmark. The accompanying person can temporarily vouch for the refugee and inform that he plans to keep him temporarily.

If you are entering with a child, if the child does not have a foreign passport, entry is possible on the condition that information about the child is entered in the foreign passport of one of the parents.

Are there special conditions for Ukrainians in Denmark?

From March 2022, Ukrainians in Denmark have the right to obtain temporary protection status, on the basis of which refugees receive a residence permit, employment and social assistance.

To obtain this status, you must meet the following requirements:

- Be a citizen of Ukraine and live in Ukraine until February 24, 2022;

- Arrive in Denmark after February 1, 2022, provided that you did not reside or had another residence permit in the country as of February 24, 2022;

- Be a close relative of a person who received a residence permit in Denmark in accordance with the Special Act.

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How to apply for temporary protection status in Denmark?

In order to issue the documents, you need to contact the Citizen Service of the Danish Immigration Service. You can make an appointment using the link.

List of documents for obtaining a permit:

- a document confirming your identity;

- documents of your children (passport or birth certificate);

- confirmation of refugee status in Ukraine (for non-citizens of Ukraine);

- employment contract (if you have received a job offer in Denmark).

Financial assistance for Ukrainians in Denmark

Refugees from Ukraine have the right to receive financial assistance in Denmark in the amount of:

- a single mother/father with a child who is entitled to additional child benefit - 13,105 kroner (72,000 hryvnias);

- a mother/father with a child who is not entitled to additional child benefit - 9,170 kroner (50 thousand hryvnias);

- an adult without children - 6,553 crowns (36 thousand hryvnias);

- an adult under the age of 30 living with his parents - 2,823 crowns (15,500 hryvnias);

- bonus for those who have passed Danish at the Dansk 2 level, or have an established diagnosis (physical or mental illness that prevents them from obtaining the Dansk 2 level) - 1,705 kroner per month for 6 months (9,400 hryvnias).

Financial assistance is also paid by individual communes of the country.

Social housing for Ukrainians in Denmark in 2024

If you applied for temporary protection, you can live in a special center until you receive the result. Ukrainians also have the opportunity to live with friends or rent housing in Denmark.

After obtaining a temporary residence permit, you will be directed to the appropriate municipality, which must find you housing, take care of finding a job, providing benefits, etc.


Social housing in communes can be:

- a place in a dormitory or other places of compact accommodation;

- a place in a private shared house,

- a separate apartment.

Can a refugee from Ukraine rent an apartment in Denmark on his own?

You can rent an apartment on your own, but keep in mind that apartments in Copenhagen are very expensive and there are quite a few rental offers here. Thus, a one-room apartment on the outskirts of the capital will cost from 9,500 kroner (53,700 hryvnias) per month, and in the central part - about 15,000 kroner (84,800 hryvnias). At the same time, in Aalborg or Odense, you can find housing in Denmark for 7,500 kroner (42,400 hryvnias) per month.

Also expect to pay a hefty deposit at signing, equivalent to three months' rent. In addition, landlords may often ask for additional rent up to three months in advance.

Utilities in Denmark are often not included in the rent. Yes, you will have to pay approximately 1,200 crowns (6,800 hryvnias) per month for heating, water and electricity. Internet for 30 days will cost 150 crowns (850 hryvnias).

Work in Denmark for Ukrainians

The municipality deals with the employment of Ukrainians in Denmark. You can also search for work on your own, for example, on the following resources:





With knowledge of English or Danish, it is not difficult to find a qualified job. Without language skills, they are employed in factories, plants, restaurants and cleaning services.

The average salary for foreigners is about 38 thousand crowns (207 thousand hryvnias) per month.

Medical care in Denmark for Ukrainians

Immigrants from Ukraine who have received a residence permit and social insurance numbers can use the services of the medical system on the same level as citizens of Denmark. All health issues are resolved here free of charge through the family doctor. His name, telephone number and address are indicated on the yellow card, which Denmark took care of for Ukrainians during the registration of temporary protection. Only dental care is paid for.

You can make an appointment with a family doctor in Denmark:

- In person or by phone

- Via the Min Læge app

- Through the website

Education in Denmark for Ukrainians

1. Preschool education. Children aged 5 to 10 can attend kindergartens. The municipality in which you live will offer a place in kindergarten no later than 3 months after the corresponding application. Kindergartens are only private, but part of the fees for them are covered by the state.

2. School education. School attendance is compulsory for all children between the ages of 6 and 17 who are legally in Denmark. Teenagers who have completed an incomplete secondary education can enter the upper secondary education program. In accordance with the legislation, training can take place in Ukrainian or English and in a distance format.

3. Higher education. With a residence permit, you can get higher education for free.

Financial assistance for a child in Denmark

Each parent receives the following financial support for their children:

- from 0 to 2 years - 2562 crowns (14 thousand hryvnias);

- from 3 to 6 years - 2,028 crowns (11,100 hryvnias);

- from 7 to 14 years - 1,596 crowns (8,800 hryvnias);

- from 15 to 17 years old - 532 crowns (2,900 hryvnias).

Conditions for people with disabilities and the elderly

The country's inclusivity is at a high level - people with disabilities can easily move through the streets, indoors and on public transport.

A person is considered a pensioner in Denmark after the age of 67. Such immigrants are not offered integration courses in Denmark, are not encouraged to work and take language courses.

How can a Ukrainian extend temporary protection in Denmark?

The Ministry of Immigration and Integration of Denmark independently checks the cases of Ukrainians who have received residence permits. If they continue to meet the conditions of temporary protection, they are automatically extended. The corresponding card will be sent by post. Ukrainians will not need to re-submit their biometric data: photo card and fingerprints.

Useful contacts for Ukrainians in Denmark

1. The Danish Immigration Service:

2. Embassy of Ukraine in Denmark:

3. Information resources of the Danish authorities and

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