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09 Mar. 2022


VOLUNTEERING IN UKRAINE: list of opportunities



VOLUNTEERING IN UKRAINE: list of opportunities

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

You can be useful without weapons in hand! You can be safe and at the same time wage war on the information front, provide psychological assistance, join the humanitarian assembly.

Choose a direction for yourself and let's bring Victory Day closer!

Assistance in the information war:

- Creative Forces of Ukraine: uniting people of creative professions for the information war

- Telegram-army: we call on world business to leave the Russian market

- Internet army: we call on world business to leave the Russian market + we are fighting on social networks

- IT ARMY of Ukraine: we call on world business to leave the Russian market

- Infozagin Kyiv Vibes: dissemination of information on social networks

 Assistance to health care facilities:

⁃ Kyiv: Foodicine, make a list with the addresses of blood donation points in a Google document

⁃ Lviv: formation of shelters for patients, Foodicine

⁃ Ivano-Frankivsk: collection of medicines for the 4th hospital in Mykolayiv

⁃ Kharkiv: cooking for pharmacies and hospitals


Help for defenders:

- Kyiv: collection of equipment and medicines

- Ivano-Frankivsk: things and medicines for the territorial defense of Kyiv

- Dnipro: things at checkpoints, gathering resources for maintenance, things for newcomers to the territorial defence

- Kharkiv: collection of products (cereals and canned food)

- Stryi: collection of humanitarian aid

- Bila Tserkva: help to the Armed Forces

- Kropyvnytskyi: collection of humanitarian aid

Refugee assistance:

- Lviv: coordination of migrants

- Dnipro: things for refugees

- Cherkasy: cooking for evacuees

- All of Ukraine: fundraising for refugees at the border, asylum, assistance in evacuating people

- Volunteering at Vostok-SOS: helping people leaving the occupied territories

Psychological help:

- Become a volunteer psychologist of the National Psychological Association


 Car volunteering:

- Gostomel: transport to deliver water to the animal shelter

- All of Ukraine: transportation and delivery of humanitarian aid from EVA

- The Return Alive Foundation is looking  for cars

Join us!  Together we are strong!