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12 Mar. 2022


Poland: useful information for refugees



Poland: useful information for refugees

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7
How to get to Poland, how to get temporary asylum and where to seek help?  
We will remind that departure from Ukraine is forbidden to men from 18 till 60 years.

If you do not have a guaranteed place to stay in Poland, contact the nearest reception center.

In the host center
• You will receive additional information about your stay in Poland
• You will be provided with temporary housing
• You will receive hot food, drinks, basic medical care and a place to rest

COVID-19 restriction suspended
Refugees can enter Poland without any documents on COVID vaccination, PCR test, etc.

Passport / identity document
The Danish Council encourages people to carry any identity documents, including national or international passports, driving licenses, birth certificates, etc.

Crossing the border by car
The Deputy Minister of the Interior of Poland said that Ukrainian authorities closed part of the lanes intended for cars on February 26. Persons trying to cross the Polish border should make sure that the lanes are open to cars. Cars must have an insurance policy, a "green card".

Free transportation
All Ukrainians with valid passports have the right to free travel on intercity trains in Poland.


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 Take care!  Everything will be Ukraine!