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10 Mar. 2022


Survey by Rating Group on the Ukrainian people's sentiments at war



Survey by Rating Group on the Ukrainian people's sentiments at war

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92% Ukrainians believe that Ukraine will be able to repel the Russian attack. This rate is growing every day. Only 6% today do not have such confidence. Belief in the victory prevails in all regions of the country. Back in January 2022, only 56% of Ukrainians believed in Ukraine's victory in case of the war breaking out.

57% believe that Ukraine will be able to win the war with Russia in the upcoming weeks: 18% think that we will win in a week, 39% - in a few weeks. Another 18% believe that the war will continue for several months, only 9% think that the war will end in six months or a year.

The vast majority (97%) of respondents plan to stay in Ukraine in the near future.

Also, 80% of Ukrainians take part in the war with Russia: as defenders, volunteers help financially or informationally.

40% of Ukrainians are sure that the majority of Russians support the war against Ukraine. Another quarter of respondents believe that every second person in Russia supports the war, and a quarter believe that supporters of the war are in the minority there.

42% believe that the resumption of friendly relations between Ukrainians and Russians is completely out of the question. 22% think that it is possible in 20-30 years after the war, 18% - that in 10-15 years, and only 12% consider the restoration of friendship possible in a couple of years after the war. Residents of the Southern and Eastern regions and those who have relatives in Russia believe a little more in the restoration of relations. But even among them, more than a third do not believe in the return of friendship between the two peoples at all.

Audience: population of Ukraine over 18 years old and older in all regions, except for the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas.