Do Ukrainian drivers need a green card when entering the EU?



Do Ukrainian drivers need a green card when entering the EU?

Do Ukrainian drivers need a green card when entering the EU?

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Citizens of Ukraine today can cross the borders of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Moldova in their own cars without "Green Card" policies.

❓What is still important for Ukrainian citizens to know today?

✅ After crossing the border, Ukrainians should be sure to acquire insurance coverage in the host country. In particular, when entering Moldova, you need to take care of the car insurance during the first 24 hours.

Some countries offer Ukrainians a free policy or take over insurance coverage for Ukrainian drivers.

🚗 Thus, Polish insurers ERGO, PZU and Warta provide internal insurance policies for civil liability of car owners for a period of 30 days. Agents of these companies can be found at border crossings on the Polish side of the border.

According to the Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine, the Czech Insurance Bureau provides free insurance coverage for damage caused by an uninsured Ukrainian vehicle for 2 months after crossing the Ukrainian border.

☎ A special hotline (+420 251 032 834) has also been set up for Ukrainian motorists in the Czech Republic, where operators speak Ukrainian.

✅ German insurers cover the damage caused by Ukrainian motorists as a result of an accident until May 31 this year.

The German office of the Green Card Bureau will be responsible for settling damages in the event of accidents, and victims of road accidents through the fault of Ukrainian drivers should apply to it for damages.

🌏 In case of traveling to other countries, Green Card policies can now be issued by Ukrainian insurers, including via the Internet, both for a short period (up to 60 days) with a 50% discount, and for any period.