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11 Jun. 2023


Paint Ukraine: murals around the world created to support Ukrainians



Paint Ukraine: murals around the world created to support Ukrainians

Street art can convey messages to a huge number of people. Today, incredible murals in support of Ukraine are appearing on the streets of many countries. Find out about the most interesting graffiti and murals in support of Ukrainians around the world

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The whole civilized world supports Ukraine in its struggle against the Russian occupier. Politicians, diplomats, soldiers, journalists, volunteers, doctors - many foreigners sided with Ukraine. Cultural figures are no exception. Musicians dedicate songs to Ukrainians, directors create films and tell the world about the consequences of war, actors support refugees: they provide housing and financial assistance, and artists immortalize the resistance of our people.

Murals painted in support of Ukraine appear on the streets of many cities around the world. A selection of the most interesting objects of street art in our material.

Prague, Czech Republic

A mural in the Czech Republic is a symbol of a destroyed childhood. It depicts a girl hiding under the flag of Ukraine with various fairy-tale characters: American Mickey Mouse, British Shaun the lamb, Czech Mole, Polish Lelyk and Bolek, and German bee Maya.

The author of the mural is street art artist Chemis.

Paris, France

In the heart of Paris, near the Center for Contemporary Art, there is a mural by the Ukrainian artist Nikita Kravtsov. A woman with the profile of a Greek goddess holding a rifle in one hand and the flag of Ukraine in the other. Nearby is the inscription "Vive la résistance ukrainienne!" ("Long live the Ukrainian resistance!"). The picture refers to the plot of the painting by the French artist Eugène Delacroix "La Victoire guidant le peuple sur les barricades" ("Freedom leading the people"). The image of this girl has been associated with the concept of "freedom" for almost two centuries.

Now the whole planet knows about Ukrainian indomitability. Therefore, another example of street art is depicted in Paris. The author Seth depicted a little girl holding the Ukrainian flag in her hands, every step she takes destroys one tank. The work was called L'Ukraine en marche ("Ukraine in action"). The picture was also published in a printed version, the author directed all proceeds from the sale of the picture to help Ukraine.

Gdansk and Poznan, Poland

A mural in Gdańsk depicts Hitler, Stalin and Putin, their eyes covered with tape with the inscription "No more time". In this way, the local artist Pyotr Yavorsky drew a parallel between three bloodthirsty world dictators.

In Poznan, a mural by the artist Kawu is presented, which depicted the war in Ukraine in the style of the famous work of Harry Potter. The leader of the Kremlin is depicted in the image of the dark magician - Lord Voldemort, and the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi - in the image of Harry Potter.

In general, during the first year of the war, dozens of murals and graffiti in support of Ukraine were created in Poland. There is even a painting dedicated to Ukrainian women who impressed the author with their strength and responsibility.

Vilnius, Lithuania

On the wall of the Lithuanian Military Academy in Vilnius, the artist Linas Kaziulionis painted his mural in support of Ukraine. The author was inspired by a photo of a Ukrainian border guard saying goodbye to his wife at the Kramatorsk train station.

Also, in the summer of 2022, artists from Lithuania, Ukraine and Estonia depicted Ukrainian Tetiana Drobotya, a media representative of the Ukrainian volunteer center "Palyanytsia", at the "Moscow House" building. In this way, the authors gave the "House of Moscow" to Ukraine.

Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany

German artist Justus Becker has created a mural in downtown Frankfurt depicting a dove of peace holding an olive branch in blue and yellow colors.

The mural "Absent" in Berlin is dedicated to Ukrainians who lost relatives in the war.

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Idlib, Syria

On the wall of a house bombed by Russian troops in the city of Idlib in Syria, there is a mural depicting Ukraine, which Putin is trying to conquer while riding a bear. In this way, the artist Aziz Al-Asmar reminded that many Syrians lost everything because of the war in which the Russian Federation participated, and the war in Ukraine is a direct continuation of the Russian policy.

Nairobi, Kenya

The "Grains of Culture" mural was opened in Kenya, in the city of Nairobi in March 2023. The image symbolizes cooperation between Ukraine and Africa.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Opposite the building of the Russian interests section at the Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia is a mural in support of Ukraine by Oleksandr Korban. A girl in an embroidered dress and a bouquet of flowers is a symbol of Ukrainian faith and steadfastness. Georgian citizens massively support Ukraine in its resistance to Russian aggression. The largest number of Georgians are among foreign citizens who fight in the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

St. Gallen, Switzerland

On the memorial in the city of St. Gallen, in the eastern part of Switzerland, the famous rooster from Borodyanka is depicted - a clay sculpture that miraculously survived on a kitchen cabinet in a house destroyed by a Russian rocket. On the mural there is an inscription in Ukrainian: "No war".

New York and Chicago, USA

Artist Sashko Danylenko depicted the Ukrainian trident on a mural in New York, which was composed of iconic elements of New York (Statue of Liberty, Chrysler Building and Empire State Building).

In the Ukrainian quarter of Chicago, a mural dedicated to Ukraine was created by two American artists — Conrad Edmonds, nicknamed Face, and the artist Sechor. It depicts a Ukrainian woman who symbolizes the strength of the Ukrainian spirit and the courage of the people of Ukraine to defend their freedom.

Riga, Latvia

The mural in Riga symbolizes Latvian support for Ukraine. The composition depicts a Ukrainian girl falling into the arms of a Latvian girl. Both are dressed in the colors of their countries' flags. "Together we are strength" - says the mural.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The feat of Ukrainian farmers, who used their tractors to take away and tow captured Russian equipment: tanks, BMPs, rocket launchers, tractors, and even the pride of the Russian army, the heavy flamethrower system "Sontsepik", was engraved on graffiti in the Netherlands.

Wales, Great Britain

On one of the streets of the capital of Wales, a street artist with the pseudonym mydogsights created a mural in support of Ukraine - this is the eye of a person who sees the explosions in Kyiv. Powerful work gained great popularity and distribution in social networks.