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16 Jun. 2023


Odesa is not all about the sea: top city tours for foreigners

Odesa is not all about the sea: top city tours for foreigners

Odesa is not only the sea pearl of Ukraine, as the region's history makes it a unique cultural center. We are telling you about the most interesting tourist places in Odesa that will definitely not leave you indifferent

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Book bus, train, and plane tickets to/from Ukraine and between cities around the world

Odesa is an original city with an exceptional history, culture and atmosphere. Most people are familiar with the region as a beach vacation center in Ukraine, but we will prove to you that Odesa is a unique city tourism destination where everyone will find something interesting and sometimes even amazing. 

By the way, when planning a trip to Ukraine, foreign tourists often choose Odesa as their first destination. After all, it has convenient transport links with the capital of Moldova. It takes only 5 hours to get from Chisinau to Odesa. You can book an individual transfer here.

For the first time in Odesa: exploring the city's landmarks

If you have arrived in Odesa for the first time, we recommend that you start exploring the city's flavor by choosing an individual sightseeing tour. In order to feel the atmosphere of Odesa and understand what exactly makes it unique, you must first see the most iconic places that accurately describe the character and mood of the city. 

However, we guarantee you that you will not hear the banal "look left, look right", we will take a different, interesting path. With us you will see the real and original Odesa.

The second (but not the least) highlight of Odesa is its architecture. This is perhaps the only city in Ukraine that harmoniously combines about 10 architectural styles, including classicism, empire, constructivism, baroque, and even modern technological architecture. But no story can convey the true uniqueness of the city's architectural ensemble. Therefore, it is better not to waste time and see the architectural wonder with your own eyes.

By the way, one of its main representatives is the Odesa Opera House. And with us, you can not only see it from the outside, but also learn the secrets that are hidden behind the scenes of this unique place.

Odesa Opera and Ballet Theater

For fans of cultural and cognitive recreation, we can offer a tour of literary Odesa. But we assure you that you won't be bored! It is hard to find at least one street or alley in Odesa that is not associated with the name of a prominent classic of world literature. 

It would be an unacceptable mistake not to mention that Odesa is one of the most tolerant regions of Ukraine. After all, it is here that representatives of more than a hundred different religious denominations live in complete peace and mutual understanding. Odesa harmoniously intertwines the history of the oldest Jewish religion and the youngest Islamic religion. And today it is one of the most unique phenomena in the world. 

Therefore, a tour of Odesa's churches is not just an acquaintance with religious monuments, it is an immersion in a world where the cultures of different peoples have become an inseparable complement to each other.

Lutheran Cathedral of St. Paul's Church

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Not by sea alone: Odesa's flavor and contrast

If you are a seasoned tourist or just like to get to know the peculiarities of tourist cities in an unconventional way, we have good news for you. After all, Odesa is a city that not only combines a unique cultural and architectural history, but also preserves an authentic flavor that anyone can plunge into.

For example, fans of gangster dramas and humor can immerse themselves in criminal Odesa. It is worth noting that no other city in Ukraine has ever concentrated so many well-known criminal authorities. We bet you've heard of Sonya the Golden Pen, Mishka the Japanese, or Benya the Scream at least once in your life. And yes, they are all directly related to Odesa. During the tour, you will learn the unique stories of world-famous bandits and see with your own eyes the secrets they were hiding.

Not interested in crime stories? Well, perhaps it's no secret that Odesa is also the Jewish capital of Ukraine. After all, it was here that more than a third of the local population was made up of Jews during the first 150 years of multinational Odesa's existence.

And most importantly, the city has managed to preserve this authentic character and atmosphere. And today you can immerse yourself in Jewish Odesa with us.

Another vivid representative of Odesa's flavor is its markets. Yes, you heard right, they are the markets. Privoz, the Old Horse Market, the New Bazaar, and other markets are unique places that have preserved the spirit, mood, and character of the true original Odesa. Only on a tour of Odesa's markets can you truly feel and understand why the image of the city around the world has been formed exactly as we know it today.

The famous Privoz market in Odesa

But if this is not enough for you, we have a trick up our sleeve. But let us warn you that our offer is not just a banal excursion. This is a dive into a mystery that will not leave anyone indifferent. Why? 

Have you ever seen underground lakes inhabited by tiny living creatures that were unknown to modern biology until recently? Or have you ever been in an underground bunker with the 4th level of protection during the Cold War? No? Then the Odesa`s Catacombs are exactly what you need. But let's not reveal all the trump cards at once, you will be shocked many more times during the tour.

Odesa`s catacombs

So, Odesa is a truly unique city that will not leave any tourist indifferent. Its contrast and originality will surprise the most avid traveler!

What you need to know when buying tours to Odesa

Visit Ukraine cares about each client and offers only safe tours, but unfortunately, modern realities require more thorough preparation before visiting Ukraine. 

We strongly recommend that you take care of reliable medical insurance in advance so that any unforeseen circumstances cannot spoil your vacation and impressions of visiting Odesa.

And for our part, we guarantee you an interesting and, most importantly, unusual vacation that will leave only a pleasant aftertaste!

We remind you that even in today's realities, the attractiveness of Ukraine's picturesque landscapes continues to attract foreign tourists. You can find out about the most popular and most visited places here.

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