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14 Jun. 2023


City of contrasts: interesting and unusual facts about Dnipro



City of contrasts: interesting and unusual facts about Dnipro

Dnipro is one of the most unusual cities in Ukraine, and its main highlight is its contrast. Find out more unusual facts about the city and what the streets of Dnipro hide

Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website
Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website

Dnipro is a city of contrasts, where no one would be surprised to see an old architectural monument next to a brand-new skyscraper. However, we are sure that even the locals do not know all the secrets that the history of Dnipro holds. We invite you to learn more about this unique place with us.

We wrote about how Dnipro lives today here.

Why do historians call Dnipro a city without a foundation date?

According to various estimates, in 2023, Dnipro will be 237 to 1153 years old. It is also interesting that there is no specific date for the celebration of the City Day; traditionally, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of September. 

This unusual fact is related to the fact that Dnipro has been founded at least 7 times, including the founding of settlements on the territory of the modern city:

● The first mention of the founding of a monastery on Monastyrskyi Island by Byzantine monks dates back to 870.

● In 1635, the Kodak Fortress (Old Kodak) was founded.

● In 1660, the settlement of Novi Kodaki (Kaidaki) was founded.

● Polovytsia settlement, which later became Katerynoslav, was founded in 1743.

● The first official date of foundation of Katerynoslav-I is 1776.

● In 1784, a decree was passed on the founding of Katerynoslav at a new location.

● 1787 is the date of foundation of Katerynoslav-II.

● In July 1926, Katerynoslav was renamed to Dnipro.

● In 2016, as part of the decommunization process, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine renamed Dnipropetrovs'k to Dnipro.

The Second Chinese Wall

The building located at 12 Heroiv Avenue received a specific name from the local population - the "Chinese Wall". This is due to the fact that the building is over 800 meters long and stretches as far as three trolleybus stops. This 9-story building has 36 entrances and more than 1200 apartments.

The Dnipro Chinese Wall has been competing with the Lutsk Beehive House for the title of the world's longest building for years.

The smallest subway in Europe

The Dnipro subway is jokingly called the "paid demo of the subway" because it is the shortest subway in Europe. The total length of the underground line is only 7.8 kilometers and has 6 stations.

One-man theater

The Dnipro One-Actor Theater "Kryk" is a unique place in all respects, because Mykhailo Melnyk (Honored Artist of Ukraine and winner of numerous awards) is at the same time an actor, director, screenwriter, makeup artist, music editor, and costume designer. The theater was opened in 1989, and for more than a quarter of a century it has been attracting audiences and packing the house.

We wrote more about Ukrainian directors whose films inspire the world here.

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The world's largest Jewish center

Dnipro is home to the world's largest Jewish cultural and community center, the Menorah, which opened in 2012. Today, there is no analog of this place. The center consists of seven towers, which are a symbol of the temple's seven-candle lamp, part of the Israeli national heritage. 

A city off-limits to foreigners

Dnipro was and is one of the most important industrial centers in Ukraine. It is here that metallurgy, metalworking, and mechanical engineering are particularly developed, making the city a center of the space and defense industries. In fact, up until the early 1990s, foreigners were not allowed to enter Dnipro, seeing it as a potential threat to the Soviet Union.

Gaudí's Vila Barcelona in Dnipro

Fans of the famous Antoni Gaudí's work can hand in their tickets to Barcelona, as the unusual Art Nouveau architecture can be seen in Dnipro. The author of Dnipro Barcelona is Ukrainian architect Mikhail Khokhlov.

The total area of the building is 750 square meters and has 3 floors. You can find this unusual architectural object at Barrykadna Street 1.

In this area, you can find many unique street art and murals painted by local artists. We wrote more about street art in Ukraine here.

A street that has never changed its name

Philosophical Street in Dnipro has retained its original name for almost 200 years. And its name once caused a lot of jokes among the local population. The fact is that during the years of construction of this place, Philosophical Street, like most of the city's streets, was not well-maintained, and therefore it was almost impossible to walk along it during heavy rains. Thus, residents came to the conclusion that the street got its name because people had to philosophize before walking down it in bad weather and take this desperate step.

In addition, the street was considered "Jewish" because it was home to the largest number of synagogues, the 3rd branch of the Talmud Torah, an orphanage, and a Jewish hospital.

Dnipro is a truly unique city that combines centuries-old Cossack culture, Jewish flavor, and a modern metropolis. If you want to see and feel the contrasting atmosphere of Dnipro in person, we recommend that you do not neglect your safety and choose tours with Visit Ukraine.

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We remind you, even in today's realities, the attractiveness of Ukraine's picturesque landscapes continues to attract foreign tourists. Read more about the most popular and most visited places here.


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