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28 Jun. 2023


The Constitution of Ukraine: the history and significance of the main law of the country



The Constitution of Ukraine: the history and significance of the main law of the country

Every year on June 28, Ukrainians celebrate the Constitution Day, the main law of Ukraine. Learn more about the history of the Constitution, interesting facts and its impact on the country

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On June 28, Ukrainians celebrate Constitution Day, the main law of Ukraine that enshrines the country's basic principles, sovereignty and territorial integrity. We, Ukrainians, have always valued freedom and independence, and after the full-scale invasion, we value them more than ever.

Boys and girls are dying for our country every day. So we no longer take the words written in the main law as something theoretical. Our soldiers are fighting for every freedom enshrined in the document on the front line. Today's holiday is another reason to pay tribute to the defenders who have fought or continue to fight for Ukraine.

In this article, we will recall the history of the Constitution, share interesting facts about the holiday, and remember the Ukrainians who fought for freedom for the Ukrainian people.

Constitution of Ukraine: history of creation

Independent Ukraine existed without a Constitution for five years. During that time, issues of national importance were resolved by the Constitution of the Ukrainian SSR. 

The development of a new Constitution began in 1990 after the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty. However, the political struggle between the Communists and the Rukhivists delayed the process for several years. 

The current Constitution was adopted on the morning of June 28, 1996, after a sleepless night of parliamentarians that went down in history as Constitutional Night. After 315 MPs supported the bill, the hall erupted in applause and cheers. A huge flag was brought into the session hall and the Ukrainian anthem was played - another symbol of statehood. 

The Constitution of independent Ukraine came into force immediately after its adoption, so our homeland immediately legalized the following principles:

- The right of the people to self-determination

- Guarantee of human rights and freedoms;

- confirmation of the European identity of the Ukrainian people;

- Ukraine's European and Euro-Atlantic course;

- the desire to develop and strengthen a democratic, social and legal state.

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Interesting facts about the holiday and the Constitution of Ukraine

Constitution Day is the only holiday enshrined in the Constitution itself. As for the document, it is interesting that Ukraine was the last among the Soviet republics to adopt a new Constitution after gaining independence. 

The smallest copy of the Constitution is kept in the Kyiv Museum of Books and Printing. It measures 21*32 mm and contains 160 pages. The miniature weighing 15 grams was created by graphic artist Ihor Stepanov, and the whole process took about two months.

By the way, the artist wrote the text by hand and produced the book for about two months.

 The Constitution of independent Ukraine has several legal ancestors:

 The Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk (1710), the first written constitution in Europe;

 The Constitution of the Ukrainian People's Republic (April 29, 1918)

 The Minor Constitution of the ZUNR (November 13, 1918).

 The Provisional Constitution of Carpathian Ukraine (March 15, 1939).

Read more interesting facts about the main law of Ukraine here.

How does the Constitution affect the country?

The main law of the country not only enshrines the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, but also serves as the North Star that determines the direction of the country's development. Our Constitution states that the only source of power is the people, and that human life, health, safety and dignity are the highest social values.

In fact, the provisions of the Constitution date back to ancient times. Various factors of the development and struggle of the people, approaches to the way of life and legal principles are immortalized in the chronicles, myths, folk customs and literature of our country. All of them portray the country in their own way, but it is the Constitution that is like a litmus test to show whether the country has moved to a new level or is still in the era of tyranny and dictatorship.

The international community has recognized the Ukrainian Constitution as one of the most democratic in the world. Unlike the enemy, Ukrainians know what democracy, freedom and liberty are. 27 years have passed since the adoption of the Constitution, and today we defend every word written in it. Because its principles are the basis of our struggle, our responsibility to previous, current and future generations.

The Constitution serves as a lighthouse to guide us in the darkest of times. Ukrainians have been doing so since the first days of the Revolution of Dignity and later the war, and everyone knows what to defend and for whom. Even though today is a holiday, we urge you to remember the patriots who laid down their bodies and souls for the freedom we enjoy today.

Our brave soldiers are defending our values and demonstrating that they are not just empty words on paper. Ordinary Ukrainians also stand guard over freedoms. For example, those who are under occupation are resisting the aggressor, showing all their courage and strength of spirit, and defending with their own lives the independence that has been fought for for years.

Ukraine has a rich history of fighting for freedom. Since ancient times, the Ukrainian people have resisted invaders and fought for their independence. Learn more about the Ukrainian heroes of today in our article.

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