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12 Jul. 2023


World Flight Attendant Day: what is the state of Ukraine's civil aviation and where are Ukrainian planes and crews now?



World Flight Attendant Day: what is the state of Ukraine's civil aviation and where are Ukrainian planes and crews now?

The skies over Ukraine have been closed for two years now, but Ukrainian planes continue to serve tourists around the world. Find out what's happening with Ukraine's civil aviation and whether Ukrainian flight attendants have a chance to celebrate their professional day

Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste

Today, aviation industry workers celebrate their professional holiday - Flight Attendant's Day. Before the full-scale war, many airlines operated in Ukraine, so there were a large number of Ukrainians among flight attendants. 

Despite the absence of civilian flights in Ukraine, employees should celebrate their professional holiday, and passengers should remember the importance of cabin crew. After the war is over, civilian aircraft will definitely fly and transport Ukrainians to their dream destinations. But while the skies are closed, we invite you to learn more about the history of the flight attendant profession, the current state of civil aviation in Ukraine, and where Ukrainian planes are now.

History of the profession and superstitions of flight attendants

Flight attendant is a relatively new profession. This position first appeared in 1928 in Germany, when a person responsible for passenger service and assistance appeared on board. Previously, the co-pilot performed the duties of a flight attendant. 

It is interesting that this profession did not immediately become gender equal, because at first only men could work. Women were allowed to work on an airplane in the United States in 1930, when airlines hired pretty young girls to increase passenger traffic. This step was part of a marketing strategy, and we can still feel the results to this day. The only rational component in favor of choosing slim girls is their weight. After all, the less load on the airplane, the easier it is to fly.

Interestingly, flight attendants are superstitious. They have certain rituals and signs that they strictly follow. Among the most interesting ones:

● Not taking pictures before the flight;

● Greeting the airplane by touching the body with your palm 

● Do not change jewelry and accessories before the flight;

● Do not sew up your uniform or sew buttons on.

The closed skies over Ukraine are an obstacle, but there are many other convenient routes to and from Ukraine. Follow the link and choose the city you want to go to. The convenient VisitUkraine service allows you to purchase tickets for any type of transportation within Ukraine and between cities around the world.

Civil aviation in Ukraine during the war

For more than a year, no passenger aircraft has flown over the Ukrainian sky. But that doesn't mean that flight attendants and pilots have been out of work. Since the first days of the war, they have been flying humanitarian and evacuation flights to the closest airports to Ukraine. 

By the way, many Ukrainians now choose to travel to airports near the Ukrainian border. Click on the link to find out where it is most convenient for Ukrainians to fly from and to.

Currently, there are no official plans to resume civil aviation flights. However, there are frequent reports that Ukraine is preparing for this. In particular, the state agency UkSATSE is working to restore air navigation services in the airspace. To do this, they need to prepare infrastructure and specialists, develop security scenarios, etc.

An interesting fact is that French airlines make sure that Ukrainian pilots do not lose their qualifications by allowing them to fly flight simulators.

It is important to mention the work of Ukrainian airports, as they were the first to suffer serious damage from russian attacks. The lack of flights does not mean that the airport does not need to be maintained. This opinion was voiced by Boryspil International Airport CEO Oleksiy Dubrevsky. According to him, Boryspil is a huge infrastructure that needs to be maintained. Terminals, power systems, IT systems, elevators, lawns - everything needs to be maintained so that the airport can immediately receive passengers after the victory. Today, Boryspil is in good condition, as the relevant services continue to operate.

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Where do Ukrainian planes fly?

Some of the aircraft of Ukrainian airlines are on wet lease, which involves renting an aircraft with the entire crew. This has allowed Ukrainians to keep their jobs and support the economic front by paying taxes.

The planes of Sky Up, UIA, and Windrose airlines were noticed in Europe. It is great that Ukrainian aircraft have found a place in European airspace. By the way, Sky Up is actively working in foreign markets. Recently, the carrier shared its plans to deploy aircraft to resort cities in Egypt starting in October 2023. Earlier, the company announced the opening of its subsidiary SkyUp MT in Europe. Read more about the airline's activities here.

Future plans and aviation potential of Ukraine 

When Ukraine defeats russia, a large number of different companies will come to the country, including air carriers. Then airports, in particular Boryspil, will become the main logistics hubs that will support exports and tourism. 

According to Oleksiy Dubrevsky, international airlines see Ukraine's potential. The airport's management has been keeping in touch with international partners for seventeen months of the war and coordinating future plans with them.

Experts predict demand for three sectors of air transportation: low-cost segment, charter flights and cargo transportation. These forecasts are understandable, as Ukrainians will want to travel to Europe conveniently and profitably, and foreigners, even from distant countries, will want to see Ukraine and its people with their own eyes. 

Everyone is optimistic about the future, so in addition to opening the skies, there are plans to restore the symbol of Ukrainian aviation, the Mriya aircraft. The world's largest and most powerful transport aircraft was destroyed on February 24, 2022, as a result of a missile attack on the airport in Gostomel. According to Antonov, more than $3 billion is needed to restore the aircraft.

We are looking forward to victory and believe that soon civilian airplanes with tourists will be flying in the Ukrainian sky again, not russian missiles!

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