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11 Jul. 2023


World Chocolate Day: what you should definitely try in Ukraine



World Chocolate Day: what you should definitely try in Ukraine

July 11 is the day when all the world's sweet tooth can enjoy sweets without a guilty conscience. Find out exactly where to go and what to taste in Ukraine to indulge your inner gourmet

Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste

Every year, on July 11, chocoholics around the world celebrate their favorite holiday - World Chocolate Day. It's a fairly young holiday, founded by the French in 1995. However, it quickly gained popularity and is celebrated in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and other countries both within and outside the European Union. 

What is the best way to celebrate a gastronomic holiday? Of course, to go on a gastronomic journey! So we offer you to learn about the most delicious places in Ukraine that everyone should definitely visit.

And if you are worried about the safety and cost of traveling in Ukraine, we will be happy to dispel your fears and uncertainty. To find out if it is safe and cheap to travel in the country now, follow the link

Components of a successful trip

What do you need for a successful vacation? Of course, a little preparation:

● Choose an interesting route;

● tbook a room in a good hotel, preferably not for all the money in the world

● tbuy a ticket for a comfortable train, bus or plane;

● take care of an insurance policy - under martial law, traveling to Ukraine has its own peculiarities, so we recommend purchasing insurance that covers war-related risks, as such a policy can guarantee maximum protection in any unforeseen situations. You can do this online easily and quickly by following the link. Read more about the benefits of such insurance here;

● if you are traveling to Ukraine from abroad, choose the least busy checkpoint to avoid wasting precious vacation time on traffic jams.

Are you prepared? Then let's go on a gastronomic journey through Ukraine!

What is worth trying in Ukraine?

What does Lviv taste like?

The capital of chocolate in Ukraine is Lviv, home to the famous Lviv Chocolate Workshop, the large Svitoch confectionery factory, and many original confectioneries. What does chocolate taste best with? Of course, with coffee. Together with us, you will be able to taste the best coffee in Ukraine, because it can also be found only in Lviv.

Do you want to taste Lviv? Then we invite you to the gastronomic tour "Lviv's Antidepressants" - Lviv coffee, sweets, liqueurs - the soul of the city in one walk. 

If you are planning to stay in Lviv a little longer and want something stronger than coffee, then you should visit the "Lviv Beer" tour, where tourists can learn a lot about their favorite intoxicating drink and taste several types of live Lviv beer, the first mention of which dates back to the XIV century. There were an incredible number of small breweries in medieval Lviv, and now this tradition is gradually reviving in the form of beer restaurants and mini-breweries. During the tour, you will get acquainted with four operating mini-breweries (Pravda Beer Theater, Royal Brewery, Kumpel, Stargorod) and several well-known beer restaurants (including Mons Pius, Chauvin).

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The Carpathians are not just for mountain vacations

Only cheese and wine go together as harmoniously as chocolate and coffee. A fascinating trip to Zakarpattia will give you real relaxation: you can explore the Carpathians, castles and cities of Zakarpattia, taste cheeses, wine and delicious local cuisine, swim in a thermal water pool and get acquainted with the colorful culture of the local population as part of a cheese and wine tour of Zakarpattia. You can go on such a trip as part of a group or book an individual vacation

We also recommend that travelers who are planning to vacation in the Carpathians this summer get acquainted with one of the region's highlights - the Mons snail farm. Do you want to immerse yourself in the flavors of authentic French cuisine and taste delicacies without visiting Paris? All of this is possible in a Carpathian village where delicious snails are grown and cooked in an ecologically clean area. We assure you that this trip will not leave you indifferent. 

Such a colorful and different, but always delicious Odesa

When it comes to the most delicious Ukrainian delicacies, Odesa immediately comes to mind, because it is the only city in the world that has its own cuisine. Odesa cuisine has absorbed the flavors and tastes of Greek, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, German, and Italian cuisines. Also, before the 1917 revolution, the Black Sea coast was the largest exporter of oysters in the world. Every year, approximately 13 million oysters were shipped in refrigerated wagons to Sweden, Denmark, and Paris. Today, travelers have the opportunity to enjoy oysters that have conquered the world right in Odesa. Unusual tastings and interesting stories from the guide await you during an individual tour to an oyster farm

And if you are already an avid city tourist and have seen the whole of Odesa up and down, and have also managed to get tired of the local bustle, then the best vacation will be a trip out of town. And by combining this time with a delicious and informative trip, you can get double the pleasure. You can see unique wineries, taste Odesa wine, and learn more about wine production technology while traveling along the incredible Black Sea coast. An individual wine tour to Odesa will help you with this. 

You can get to Odesa comfortably by train or bus from one of the Ukrainian cities. Also, for tourists traveling to Ukraine from the EU countries and arriving at the main airport of Moldova, we offer to book a comfortable Chisinau-Odesa (Odesa-Chisinau) transfer and reach your destination in just 5 hours.

Ukrainian cuisine is rich in gastronomic wonders! Let's explore it together!

We remind you that the security situation in Ukraine does not stop foreign tourists who want to see the beauty of Ukrainian nature and the atmosphere of cities with their own eyes. We told you why Ukraine attracts so many tourists despite the full-scale war and where people go most often in our previous article.

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