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29 Aug. 2023


Where in Ukraine can I pay with cryptocurrency?



Where in Ukraine can I pay with cryptocurrency?

Ukraine is one of the top 3 countries in the world in terms of cryptocurrency use. Find out what services allow you to pay with cryptocurrency and what you can buy with it in Ukraine

More useful news in our Telegram-channel
More useful news in our Telegram-channel

According to a study by Chainalysis, Ukraine ranks third in the global ranking of cryptocurrencies, behind only Vietnam and the Philippines. The integration of cryptocurrencies into the country's financial system is increasing every year. Thus, according to a UN report at the Trade and Development Conference in August 2022, almost 13% of Ukrainians use it.

Typically, most Ukrainians use cryptocurrencies as a tool for trading, investing, and making money. However, there are many platforms, shops, and services in Ukraine that allow paying for purchases with cryptocurrency. 

It is worth noting that the use of cryptocurrencies as an independent means of payment, without unnecessary conversion into fiat money, has already become one of the manifestations of customer focus on the part of businesses and a significant advantage over competitors.

List of Ukrainian institutions and businesses that accept cryptocurrency

According to, the Whitepay service team analyzed the Ukrainian market and compiled a list of institutions, services, businesses, and charitable foundations that accept cryptocurrency as a payment currency. So, where can you pay with cryptocurrency in Ukraine?

Restaurants, services, and leisure:

–, Hype Pizza & Sushi, DROP.SKIN, Bloodycase, Ukrnames, Informatics coffee shop, KULIBIN studio,, Promosoundgroup, EJTAS.

Educational institutions and courses:

– Learn to Earn Global, Cryptomannn, CPI.TM, EASY, NewLook.

Home appliances and electronics stores:

– Stylus, Сactus, TechnoIzhak,,, Fopi,, Assol, Sota, CompX, SmartMAG.

Retail stores:

– Purple Lama, MebelOK, WeloveMebel, Luzha, TeaWarrior, BitCom.

Charitable foundations:

– Tabletochki, Rescue Now, Chance for Change, Ronald McDonald House Foundation in Ukraine, Future for Children, Front-U, Blagomay, KIDS OF UKRAINE, Buongiorno. ua, Country of Good Deeds, Ridni Charitable Foundation, Serhiy Prytula's Volunteer Foundation,, Free Future, Rebuilding Our Ukraine, DDMS, Magyar's Birds.

How to travel with cryptocurrency?

Spoiler alert - it's easy! On the Visit Ukraine service portal, you can pay with cryptocurrency for all our products and services:

– Safe tours by Visit Ukraine;

– Health insurance policies;

– Military risk insurance;

– Green Card for cars;

– Train, bus, plane tickets;

– Hotel reservations;

– Visit Ukraine merchandise;

– Legal advice for Ukrainians and foreigners.

Travel with Visit Ukraine

Want to go on a trip to Ukraine? Choose a tour to your liking from Visit Ukraine's largest database of safe tours, pay for your trip with cryptocurrency, and go on vacation! 

Note that with us, you don't have to worry about accommodation, leisure, or health insurance, because we provide comprehensive packages and think through every detail of the trip for you! 

Do you dream of a special trip and need help in its realization? We can help you with this! Contact the Visit Ukraine hotline and together with a manager create your ideal tour based on your preferences, wishes and needs.

Also, on the Visit Ukraine website, you can separately purchase a health or war risk insurance policy, a Green Card for a car for traveling abroad, train, bus, and plane tickets, as well as book a hotel in the city of your choice for cryptocurrency.


To make your trip even more enjoyable, order patriotic merchandise from Visit Ukraine. Wearing a trendy hoodie or T-shirt, you will not only feel comfortable, but also make an important contribution to Ukraine's victory, as we transfer funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine from each of your purchases!

For those who want to make a personal contribution and support Ukraine, the Donations section also allows you to make a payment in cryptocurrency.

Crossing the border of Ukraine with Visit Ukraine

Are you planning a private or business trip to/from Ukraine and don't know where to start organizing your trip? Our team of lawyers can help you with collecting the necessary documents to enter Ukraine in times of war or travel abroad. In addition, our specialists can advise on any migration issues, rules of entry/exit or obtaining documents in Ukraine and abroad. You can also order individual legal support to solve your problem.

You can order a consultation by following the link:

legal advice for Ukrainians;

legal advice for foreigners.

Any travel, even for business or personal purposes, is always about expanding your horizons and getting new impressions. So, we wish that the aftertaste of your travels was always only positive! And we are always happy to help you with this by making your trip as comfortable, convenient and safe as possible. 

We remind you, that thanks to your tremendous support, the Visit Ukraine team continues to help you every day. We express our gratitude to every person who joins our efforts - the defenders, those who care about Ukraine and our readers from all over the world who support us in such a difficult time for our country. Read more about how we have helped thanks to you here.

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