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04 Sep. 2023


The register of Ukrainian cars will be launched in the Czech Republic on October 1: what is known

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The register of Ukrainian cars will be launched in the Czech Republic on October 1: what is known

Czech authorities are preparing to launch a special register of vehicles with Ukrainian license plates. Find out whether the registration of Ukrainian cars in the country will be free of charge, how the procedure will work and other important details

Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car

Starting from October 1, 2023, the Czech Ministry of Transport will launch a special registration for cars with Ukrainian license plates. The main reason for the introduction of such a system is the inability of national and local authorities to impose adequate fines for violations of traffic rules by Ukrainian drivers. 

We will tell you what changes await Ukrainian motorists in the country and how the registration of vehicles will be carried out. 

How Ukrainian cars will be registered in the Czech Republic from October 1: details

"In September this year, full and comprehensive information on the register of Ukrainian vehicles will be published on the website of the Ministry of Transport. The registration of Ukrainian vehicles will be carried out by local authorities with expanded powers," says Filip Medelsky, spokesman for the Czech Ministry of Transport.

The relevant registration will be launched in October this year and implemented from the beginning of next year. 

Starting in January 2024, Ukrainian citizens will be required to register their vehicles for use in the Czech Republic within seven days. Otherwise, they will be fined up to CZK 30,000

"Citizens of Ukraine will be obliged to register the vehicle they use in the Czech Republic (they do not have to be their owners) no later than 7 days after being granted temporary protection or a tolerance visa," Medelsky explained.

Registration is free of charge. The records will be kept centrally, but local authorities will be responsible for entering the data.

Since it is an administrative registration, the technical condition of the vehicle is not checked during the registration of Ukrainian vehicles. 

Introduction of a car registration procedure for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic

The Ministry of Transport has ordered the National Center for Transport Information Systems (CENDIS) to create a new electronic register of Ukrainian vehicles. 

According to the contract, the new database will cost about CZK 7 million including VAT. 

The Czech government has decided to introduce this registration system in order to increase penalties for organized smuggling, improve the possibility of obtaining fines for traffic violations, and simplify living and employment conditions for certain groups of foreigners. 

The driver of the vehicle must provide basic information, such as the address of residence and, if available, the number of an identity document.

In addition to the registration number, the vehicle data must include the VIN number. 

"As for insurance, if an uninsured Ukrainian vehicle causes damage in the Czech Republic, the Czech insurance company will compensate the injured party through a guarantee fund," adds Mr. Filip.

Insurance of Ukrainian cars in the Czech Republic

Recently, the Office of Czech Insurance Companies reported that, according to its estimates, there are 38,000 Ukrainian vehicles in the Czech Republic. Of these, about 10% are not covered by compulsory insurance. 

Currently, persons under temporary protection are entitled to a six-month deferral of fines.

At the same time, owners and users of vehicles under temporary protection are not required to submit them for inspection, as they are treated as vehicles in international traffic. 

"Of course, vehicles on the road must be in proper technical condition and should not pose a danger to drivers, passengers and other road users," says the ministry representative. 

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Reasons for creating a Ukrainian vehicle register in the Czech Republic

As the number of vehicles arriving from Ukraine has increased, the problem of collecting fines has become more serious. 

Because of these problems, local authorities themselves requested the creation of a Ukrainian vehicle register. 

The Ukrainian registry contains only the basic data needed to track the driver of a vehicle and issue fines. This register is also used by insurance companies.

The Czech Insurance Association (ČAP) reports that from March 2022 to the end of June 2023, 201 uninsured accidents involving Ukrainian vehicles were registered. Czech insurance companies have paid out CZK 16 million for these losses, and another CZK 4.2 million is expected to be paid.

The procedure for collecting fines from violators

Kristina Vlasakova, a spokeswoman for the Pardubice municipality, said that during on-the-spot inspections, it can be difficult to identify the user of a vehicle, or even find the address of the offending driver. 

"The place of residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic often changes, so if the address cannot be verified or is no longer valid, the city tries to send a fine notice to Ukraine, but it can take months to receive the notice," Vlasakova adds. 

"Then the fine is officially handed to the person, but no one pays it. This creates problems for the economic sector, which tries to enforce fines," the mayor's spokeswoman said. 

Similar problems with foreigners from other European countries

Local authorities face similar problems with foreigners from other EU countries. Last year, for example, the Czech police, together with the customs authorities, introduced a legislative amendment. According to the amendment, if the police find out from records that a driver has an unpaid fine during a roadside check, they have the right to demand payment of the fine on the spot. 

If the driver refuses to pay, the police can confiscate the license plate or attach a blocker to the vehicle. 

Last year alone, the police and customs managed to increase the amount of unpaid fines from CZK 11 million to CZK 16 million. According to the Czech police, more than 60 percent of those who did not pay the fine were foreign drivers. 

How can I protect myself from unnecessary expenses while traveling abroad in my own car?

When planning to travel abroad or while already there in your own car, it is important not only to prepare the necessary documents and check the technical condition of the car, but also to take care of insurance, as the Ukrainian MTPL policy is not valid abroad. 

To protect yourself from unforeseen expenses, a car owner should take care of a Green Card policy in advance before traveling. 

To ensure safe traveling by your own car outside Ukraine, take out the necessary insurance by following the link.

We remind you! Earlier we wrote that Ukrainians who entered Germany by their own car and stay in the country for more than a year are required to register and undergo a vehicle inspection. Read more about the simplified TÜV inspection procedure for cars with Ukrainian registration, which frees owners from many bureaucratic procedures here.

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