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08 Apr. 2022


Airbnb provides free housing for Ukrainian refugees

For refugees


Airbnb provides free housing for Ukrainian refugees

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Earlier it was reported that the Airbnb service provides free housing to refugees from Ukraine. However, until recently it remained unclear how to book it. It turned out that Airbnb does not have its own booking functionality, and provides accommodation to refugees through non-governmental organizations such as Nova Ukraine and the Women's March.

These organizations will issue vouchers with a face value of € 1000-2000. The voucher will be provided with an expiration date, but you will be able to choose the accommodation and the period of stay in it.

To book accommodation, you need to fill out the form. If you have problems with the form - send a request to [email protected]. After reviewing your application, you will receive a voucher to your e-mail or letter. In case of sending incorrect documents, you may not receive a response.


📌 If you book for less than the value of the voucher, the rest of the coupon will be canceled and you will not be able to use the voucher again. Therefore, the company advises not to rent a house for 1-2 days

📌 the total cost of the reservation should not exceed the value of the voucher - surcharge for the part exceeding the value of the voucher is not possible

📌 booking can be made only by the person who received the voucher; the transfer of the voucher to third parties is also invalid

📌 If you cancel your reservation or leave earlier, you will not be able to use the voucher again

📌 The voucher will be given one per family

More information about booking conditions - in the form and instruction

Nova Ukraine warns that a lot of applications have been received and the waiting period for a response may be months.

You can also get a residence permit through the Women's March, which offers assistance to women who are forced to go abroad because of the war. To fill out the form you need to go to the telegram bot @marsh_zhinok and follow the instructions.