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28 Mar. 2022


Money, housing, work: a new governmental program for Ukrainians



Money, housing, work: a new governmental program for Ukrainians

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced a large-scale program to help Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their homes due to hostilities and are in Ukraine - "Money, Work, Housing."

The three main areas covered by this program are:

1. Money: The state will pay each migrant in Ukraine a minimum monthly cash benefit in the amount of 2 thousand hryvnias through the Diia app, on a bank card. Also, 3,000 hryvnias will be paid for each child who was forced to move to safer regions due to the war.

2. Work: employment program for all migrants. To do this, the state begins payments to those employers who hire migrants from the affected regions - 6,500 hryvnias for each employee. These funds must be spent by employers on the salaries of these employees.

3. Housing: The government has decided on a mechanism to reimburse utility costs to families who receive migrants at home. All those who provided free shelter to the displaced, will receive UAH 450 per month for each person whom they helped to compensate for utilities.

The implementation of these programs has already been approved and started on March 21, with the registration of temporary migrants by territorial communities and Centers of Administrative Services

From March 30, registration will be possible through the application Diia.