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Where to stay in Ukraine: types of accommodation and average prices

Where to stay in Ukraine: types of accommodation and average prices

Ukraine has always attracted tourists with its extraordinary beauty and culture, but you need to prepare for your trip in advance. Find out more about where to stay, what the average prices are, and whether you can get additional services when you book your accommodation

Order a legal consultation on entering Ukraine during the war
Order a legal consultation on entering Ukraine during the war

Are you planning a trip to Ukraine? Ukrainian nature, culture, architecture, delicious cuisine and courageous local population attract tourists from different parts of the world. However, as with any independent trip, it is also necessary to prepare for a trip to Ukraine.

The main thing that a tourist needs to do is to collect the necessary package of documents, make an itinerary, buy tickets and book a hotel. And if the first three points can be dealt with quite simply, taking into account one's own interests and citizenship. Before looking for housing in Ukraine, it is important to understand where you can stay, what the average prices are and whether you can get additional services during accommodation.

Where to stay in Ukraine? All the subtleties of the tourist real estate market in Ukraine further.


How many accommodation establishments operate in Ukraine?

Before the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, 4,572 collective accommodation facilities with a total number of 407,975 places worked in the state, of which:

- 2,645 establishments were hotels and similar accommodations (motels, hostels, camping sites, etc.);

- 1,927 objects are specialized means of accommodation (sanatoriums, boarding houses, recreation centers, etc.).

However, the war negatively affected the work of the industry, since February 2022, the number of objects has decreased by more than 30%.

What types of accommodation facilities work in Ukraine?

There are many different types of accommodation in Ukraine, both traditional, which most international tourists are used to, and special local ones:

● A hotel is an enterprise that consists of 6 or more rooms. In addition to accommodation, the traveler receives mandatory service and certain additional services here. These objects are divided into many categories depending on star quality, type of nutrition, orientation, etc.

● A hostel is a more economical way of accommodation, in which the guest is provided with a bed in a room without additional amenities.

● Apartments and flats – private or commercial objects used for temporary accommodation of tourists. It can be both a separate apartment in a residential building that is rented out by the day, and housing in a complex that was specially built to accommodate temporary residents. Apart from own room and bathroom, the tourist can also use the kitchen in the apartments.

● Guest houses – an attached or separately located house on the homestead that serves exclusively for receiving guests of the residents of the house.

● Wooden cottages – houses made of logs. Usually common in the west and south of Ukraine.

● Camping is a seasonal facility for car, motorcycle, bicycle tourists with tents or light houses and special places for parking and storing cars. The campsite is usually equipped with water supply, stoves for cooking, a store, post office, telephone, medical center, etc.

Stardom in Ukrainian hotels

Depending on the level of comfort and services provided in the hotel, they receive a certain star rating. This classification is valid worldwide and assumes that:

- One star is an inexpensive hotel with a minimum of services, which does not always include even daily room cleaning.

- Two stars – a budget hotel with a slightly larger selection of services.

- Three stars is a mid-range hotel with a standard set of services: daily room cleaning, bathroom, TV, sometimes a minibar or a refrigerator. In good options, you can also find guest laundries, swimming pools and gyms, conference rooms.

- Four-star hotels are high-end hotels that offer a spa, massage, bar or restaurant, conference rooms in addition to the services offered by three-star hotels.

- Five-star is a luxury hotel that offers a wide range of services, including exclusive ones: golf clubs, multi-room apartments with a maid or butler, private pools and villas.

In Ukraine, 3-star hotels predominate, in the structure of the entire room stock, they make up almost 50% of the market.

4-star hotels make up 22% of the current offer on the market. In addition to local hoteliers, the following international hotel operators work in Ukraine: Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group (Radisson Blu Hotels), IHG (Holiday Inn) and Design Hotels

There are also five-star hotels in the state. Most of them are located in Kyiv and large cities of Ukraine. In the 5-star segment of Kyiv, 71% of the room stock is managed by such hotel operators as Hilton, Hyatt, IHG and FRHI.

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What are the average prices for accommodation in Ukraine?

The average cost of accommodation in Ukrainian hotels varies from 357 hryvnias (9 euros) in a hostel to 1,100 hryvnias (29 euros) in a 3-star hotel. The price per night in a luxury hotel in Ukraine is about 9,400 hryvnias (245 euros).

Hotels and recreation centers have the highest demand in Cherkasy, Zhytomyr, Dnipropetrovsk regions and Kyiv. Hostels and bed-and-breakfast places are actively sought in the Vinnytsia and Poltava regions. Prices in hotels and recreation centers in popular regions are: in the Zhytomyr region, on average, 500 hryvnias (13 euros), in the Cherkasy region, for example, in Uman - about 600 hryvnias (15 euros), and in Cherkasy itself - 750 (20 euros). In Kyiv, the average price for a room is about 800 hryvnias (22 euros).

Traditionally, staying in a hostel will be the most budget-friendly. So, for example, the lowest prices are offered in Poltava — an average of 150 hryvnias (4 euros) per night. For 200 hryvnias (5 euros) per day, there is a choice of options in Vinnytsia and Uzhhorod. In other western regions (for example, in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv) they will take within 350 hryvnias (9 euros) per night in a hostel.

The average cost of an overnight stay in a guest house or cottage in Volyn will range from UAH 925 (€24) in Shatsk to UAH 1,436 (€37) in Svityaz. In the resort towns of the Carpathians, the average house prices are also in the range of 1,000-2,000 hryvnias (26-52 euros) per day.

Daily rent of a one-room apartment in Kyiv is about 600 hryvnias (15 euros), in Lviv - 750 hryvnias (20 euros), in Uzhhorod - 850 hryvnias (22 euros), and in Cherkasy - 600 hryvnias (16 euros).

What basic and additional services are available at the hotel?

Services in hotels are divided into basic and additional, paid and free. The two main services in the hotel are accommodation and food. Cleaning of rooms, changing of bed linen, etc. can also be included among the main ones.

To attract more customers and meet their needs, hotels often provide additional services, both paid and free. The following additional services are most common: clothing and footwear repair, laundry and dry cleaning; hairdressing services; use of sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool; use of the billiard room, sports hall and playgrounds; sale of printed products, souvenirs; delivery of flowers and gifts; use of a storage room or safe; rental of various inventory, household appliances; car rental; call a taxi; sale of tickets for transport or entertainment services; reservation of seats in restaurants of the city; organization of excursions; ordering the services of translators, guides; rental of a conference hall or other premises.

Peculiarities of staying in a hostel and its advantages

Staying in a hostel is a good option for a budget trip. The hostel is a daily dormitory. These are rooms for 6-10 people with a shared kitchen, bathroom and toilet. However, the conditions here are quite comfortable.

In addition to attractive prices, hostels are often located in the central parts of the city or near public transport stops.

Various additional services in a hostel, such as the use of a washing machine, luggage storage and Wi-Fi, cost less than in a hotel. Game rooms are also quite common in hostels - they can be living rooms with books, board games and game consoles that everyone can use. You can also make new acquaintances here.

Advantages of renting apartments

Hotels and hostels are mainly located in big cities. At the same time, you can rent an apartment on a daily basis both in a metropolis and in a very small town or even a village. You can also find an apartment in the most convenient area.

When renting an apartment, guests get an entire apartment: a corridor where you can leave outerwear and suitcases, a separate bedroom, an equipped kitchen, and a bathroom. Sometimes a balcony or terrace can be a nice bonus.

Housing that is rented out by the day is most often equipped not only with a TV and air conditioning, but also with all the necessary household appliances. The apartment usually has an electric kettle, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, an iron, and a washing machine.

Cleaning of an apartment rented out by the day is usually carried out before guests move in and after eviction. You must maintain cleanliness during your stay. You also have to prepare food in a rented apartment yourself.

How to rent an apartment in Ukraine for a foreigner: necessary documents, safe regions and useful tips at the link.

So, Ukraine has a very wide base of accommodation establishments. During your vacation, you can stay in a hotel with different stars, a hostel, rent an apartment or rest in a guest house. To choose the best option and book, follow the link. 

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