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01 Nov. 2023


How can support for Israel and the events in Gaza affect global support for Ukraine?



How can support for Israel and the events in Gaza affect global support for Ukraine?

The IDF has launched a ground operation in Gaza to completely destroy the Hamas group, but many countries, as well as the UN, do not support these actions. Find out how and why Ukraine's position on Israel could harm the country and whether it will affect support for Ukraine

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More interesting and useful news in our Telegram-channel

Israel recently announced the launch of a ground operation in Gaza. It is worth noting that the counteroffensive has been repeatedly postponed and rescheduled, explaining this by the need for more thorough preparation and attempts to weaken the terrorists. In addition, Israel has emphasized that the operation should be conducted with a minimum number of casualties among Israeli military and Palestinian civilians.

Although a large number of world leaders called on Israel to refrain from using force, most civilized countries supported the Israelis in their right to liberate their land and return the hostages home. Ukraine was among those countries. However, this position obviously contradicts the position dictated by Arab countries. Moreover, preparations for the ground operation in Gaza have launched a large number of actions and protests in support of the Palestinians around the world, some of which have caused collapse in countries.

So, who is on the other side of the barricades and whether Ukraine's position on Israel will affect the country's support in the war against russia - we will analyze further in the article.

Who supports Hamas?

russia is among the obvious supporters of the terrorist group, as it even hosted a delegation of Hamas representatives. However, the anti-Israeli sentiments promoted by the russian authorities did not play in the country's favor, as local radicals, particularly in Makhachkala, began protests. And it seemed that they were set up purely against Jews, but the high level of Islamic radicalism prevailing in that region could escalate into a national conflict.

Turkey occupies a special place on this list, as its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, never ceases to amaze the world with his anti-Israeli calls and threats of war with the West. And although his rhetoric is mostly aimed at "domestic listeners" and his political activities remain restrained and economically beneficial for the country, his statements cannot but rock the boat of the entire Arab world.

Other Middle Eastern countries, of course, remain supporters of Hamas, and they are also threatening to enter the war.

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Have the events in Gaza split Europe?

Hamas's attempts to turn Muslims around the world against the Israelis have not been in vain, as dozens of attacks on Jews and aggressive gestures against Jewish religious sites are being recorded. In addition, large-scale rallies in Europe have only highlighted the split in European society. 

It is also important to note that the actual split occurred not only in society but also at the highest levels, which became clear during the UN vote on the resolution "on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip." The adopted document immediately became known as scandalous because it did not condemn the actions of terrorists, did not help in the release of hostages, did not mention the country's right to self-defense, and only demanded that Israel "immediately cease fire."

120 countries voted in favor of the resolution, 14 voted against it (including the United States, Israel, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Croatia), and 45 abstained (including Ukraine).

Thus, although the split is not critical, it will undoubtedly affect relations between the West and the Global South. In addition, international stability and security are also at risk. Read more about whether the world is really on the brink of World War III here.

Is Ukraine losing support and partners?

The events in Israel have undoubtedly diverted the world's attention from the war in Ukraine. It is also important that the West is beginning to feel fatigue from the russian-Ukrainian war, and this also played a role in this matter. However, the collective support of Ukraine by its Western partners remains high, while the country itself seems to be losing the support of the Arab world, for which it has fought so hard over the past year and a half.

Thus, a number of countries that previously supported Ukraine, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, have accused the collective West of double standards. In particular, because the West actively responded to the deaths of civilians in Ukraine due to the russian invasion, but did not condemn Israel's actions against the Palestinians. 

At the same time, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities actively condemned the actions of Hamas, but with regard to Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip, they limited themselves to careful statements about the need to protect civilians. 

In addition, the events in the Middle East are obviously ideologically closer to the Arab world, and therefore the situation in Ukraine is of little concern to them. Moreover, russia has expressed support for the Palestinians, and therefore all these countries are on different sides of the barricades. It is not clear how the events will unfold in the future, but the level of tension in the world is likely to increase.

We remind you! russia's invasion of Ukraine, Hamas's attack on Israel, and the conflict between the United States and China are making people around the world increasingly talk about the threat of World War III. Read our previous article to find out which countries could potentially become a safe haven for people in the event of a global war.

Photo: AP

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