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13 Nov. 2023


The safest cities in Ukraine: which cities were not attacked by russia during the full-scale war?



The safest cities in Ukraine: which cities were not attacked by russia during the full-scale war?

Traveling around Ukraine is currently difficult because of the threat of shelling from russia, and unfortunately, there are no absolutely safe regions. But at the same time, there are cities in Ukraine that have never been attacked by russian missiles. Find out which cities are the safest to vacation in and where to go with your children

Take care of insurance for safe travel in Ukraine
Take care of insurance for safe travel in Ukraine

For more than a year and a half, Ukrainians have been forced to organize their everyday life and routine in the context of a full-scale invasion by the russian federation, feeling constantly threatened by missile attacks and the invasion of attack UAVs. In addition, the curfew imposed on the population, which prohibits them from being outside and in public places, significantly limits their options.

However, the curfew is not in place in all regions of the country, and a large number of cities have not heard a single explosion since the russian invasion. So, which cities are the safest now and where it is better to plan a vacation with your children - we will tell you further in the article.

Where is it safe in Ukraine now?

The most undisputed region of Ukraine is Zakarpattia region, as there are no curfews, almost no sirens warning of air threats, and the regional center, Uzhhorod, has not heard a single explosion since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. In general, Zakarpattia has been hit by russian missiles only once, when missiles hit a substation near the train station in Volovets, Zakarpattia region.

Read more about how Uzhhorod lives during the war here.

Why is Zakarpattia the safest region?

This trend is driven not only by the region's close proximity to NATO and EU member states, but also by its mountainous landscape and, most importantly, the lack of strategic enterprises and facilities in the region. That's why Zakarpattia region has become not only a safe rear, but also a tourist center for Ukrainians and foreign visitors.

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 Vacationing with children: which cities in Ukraine to choose for a trip?

In general, Zakarpattia region is an ideal place for a family vacation, as it has incredibly clean air, a large number of ecological sites where you can meet animals or admire amazing landscapes, as well as a well-developed tourist infrastructure: convenient public transport, a large number of hotels and restaurants, and a wide range of leisure activities for both adults and children.

Most often, tourists choose to travel to Uzhhorod, Mukachevo, Berehove, Svaliava, Mizhhirya, and Khust. However, once you arrive in one city, you can easily get to another location, as there is a lot of public transportation between the cities. In addition, the most popular location is the Synevyr National Nature Park, because only here you can safely come for a week to see all the beauty of the protected area with your own eyes.

If you are looking for ways to spend your time in the Zakarpattia region, we suggest booking a tour on Visit Ukraine. Here you will find a lot of offers that will be interesting for adults and children: from walking tours of cities or visiting the most amazing natural locations of Transcarpathia to SPA vacations and gastronomic tours.

For example, for short trips where you want to switch from everyday life as much as possible and forget about curfews and restrictions for at least one evening, an evening tour of Uzhhorod will be ideal. 

And for those who are planning to travel to Zakarpattia region for the first time, we recommend choosing a trip to Mukachevo and a tour of Zakarpattia castles to get to know the region and fully immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

And for adventure seekers, the best option would be an intense trip to Zakarpattia, where tourists can visit the Carpathian Bunker, swim in the thermal pools of Berehove and Velyatino, meet deer on a farm, and taste local delicacies and wines. "Transcarpathian Adventures" is an opportunity to recuperate in a short time and get the most positive impressions for several months ahead.

And if you already know where you want to go, but don't have time to prepare and plan your vacation, please contact our managers on the hotline (from 08:00 to 02:00 Kyiv time) and entrust your perfect vacation to Visit Ukraine. We will help you organize the trip you have been dreaming of all your life!

We remind you! The majesty and beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians attracts thousands of tourists, not only from Ukraine, in any season. However, each season makes this region special in its own way. Read our previous article to find out which locations and places in the Carpathians are worth visiting at the junction of fall and winter to recover and relax.

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