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12 Apr. 2022


Israel will issue employment permits to Ukrainian refugees

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Israel will issue employment permits to Ukrainian refugees

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The Embassy of Ukraine in Israel reports that a number of agreements have been reached during the negotiations on the status of Ukrainian citizens staying in Israel during the hostilities.

The Israeli side gave a positive response to the issuance of work permits for Ukrainians who arrived in Israel on the eve of the full-scale Russian invasion and were forced to stay, as well as those who entered Israel after February 23 this year.

In addition, these categories of citizens will be able to receive basic social insurance.

The Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs also agreed in principle to issue entry permits to families of Ukrainian citizens legally staying in Israel on work visas.

The embassy continues to disagree with the principle of applying quotas and any other restrictions on the entry of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, into Israel, at the invitation of Israeli friends who are ready to provide Ukrainians with shelter from the horrors of Russian aggression.

This article will be updated as new information on how to apply for the above permits and assistance becomes available. Stay tuned for our updates.