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14 Apr. 2022


MK: translations has developed a phrasebook for Ukrainians abroad



MK: translations has developed a phrasebook for Ukrainians abroad

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

MK:translations, a company-provider for localization in 80+ languages of the world, has developed a project that helps millions of our compatriots who have been forced to leave the country to feel more confident abroad.

Abroad, Ukrainians face a host of problems that are difficult to solve without knowing the language. Therefore, the MK: translations team could not stay away and created a phrasebook for adults and children to facilitate communication and make integration into the new environment easy and convenient.

The phrasebook consists of thematic sections, which collect the most common questions, useful expressions and words that will help to get acquainted, ask for directions, buy food and medicine, draw up documents and more.

The children's phrasebook has additional sections "In kindergarten" and "At school" to feel more confident and communicate freely with peers, educators and teachers.


All words and expressions have a transcription.

Currently, the phrasebook has ten language versions:

• English;

• Greek (Modern Greek);

• Spanish;

• Italian;

• German;

• Polish;

• Portuguese;

• Romanian;

• Slovak;

• Hungarian;

• French.

The Czech version is under development, but the company is open and ready to add new languages on request.

Any Ukrainian who has a smartphone or other gadget connected to the Internet can use the phrasebook. You only need the Internet to download the phrasebook. Then you can use it offline.

The phrasebook is available in Telegram and in Viber

The phrasebook is free, but you can support the project with a donation to help it spread and develop.