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06 Dec. 2023


St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine: how to make your loved ones happy?



St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine: how to make your loved ones happy?

This year, Ukraine celebrates St. Nicholas Day on December 6 for the first time, and it is the day when Christmas trees will be opened across the country. Find out how to celebrate the first winter holiday and what to do to please your loved ones

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St. Nicholas Day is a holiday that opens the door to a winter fairy tale, especially for children. It is the day when the New Year's Eve atmosphere is felt in the air. 

Unfortunately, for the second year in a row, Ukraine has been forced to celebrate the winter holidays in the midst of a full-scale invasion, but despite this, Ukrainians continue to hold on and believe in miracles. 

Ukraine's main Christmas tree during the war: what does it look like?

Recently, it became known that the main Christmas tree will be set up in Kyiv on St. Sophia Square, and despite the fact that any massive and loud celebrations have been canceled, Ukrainians and foreign visitors will still be able to feel the New Year's atmosphere in Ukraine.

Today, December 6, the official opening of the country's main Christmas tree is scheduled to take place, but we already know what it will look like. Of course, its scale is not the same as in peacetime, but the main feature is that it is decorated in national colors.

Ihor Dobrutskyi, president of Folk Ukraine and organizer of the New Year's celebration on St. Sophia Square, told what the Christmas tree will look like this year. According to Dobrutsky, the tree will be decorated with yellow and blue hearts measuring 20 to 30 cm, as well as a kilometer-long garland. In total, up to 1000 ornaments will be placed on the tree. 

"The main Christmas tree will not look like last year's. We have added an unusual twist to it - white branches. It will be a home-made Christmas tree, remember how your parents used to decorate the Christmas tree when you were a child. We will do the same on the main tree - its tips on the main branches will be white. No one has ever done this before," he adds.


In addition, a photo zone in the form of a large heart will be set up on the square, and 21 small Christmas trees will be set up around it, each of which will also be decorated with small hearts. According to Dobrutsky, the toys on these Christmas trees have a charitable mission, because this year St. Sophia Square will become a place of support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"Everyone will be able to take a toy off the branch and keep it as a souvenir, but before that they have to transfer money to the Armed Forces. We will place QR codes with the accounts of volunteers and charities that raise funds for the needs of the Armed Forces near the small trees," he says.

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Where to go on St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine with children?

Despite the difficult situation, dozens of St. Nicholas residences have been opened across the country so that parents can make their children happy with at least one real fairy-tale miracle.

In addition, New Year's locations have been set up in almost every city, where you can buy toys and taste Ukrainian delicacies. In addition, winter ice rinks were opened in most Ukrainian cities.

Read more about all New Year's locations in Kyiv and the region here.

How to please your family and friends on New Year's holidays?

Perhaps every Ukrainian will make the same wish on New Year's Eve for the second year in a row. However, unfortunately, a simple wish, even from millions of people around the world, will not be enough to fulfill it, as Ukraine is fighting a very insidious and powerful enemy.

But at the same time, every small step of a Ukrainian in Ukraine and abroad, as well as a foreigner who supports the side of good, brings Ukraine closer to victory. And most importantly, everyone can make their own special small step: help a Ukrainian trying to make a life abroad, make a donation to the Armed Forces, give a loving family to an animal rescued from the war, become a volunteer, or express your position by reminding the world about the war in Ukraine.

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We remind you! For the second year in a row, Ukraine will celebrate New Year's holidays in a full-scale war, and planning even a family evening in such circumstances is a challenge with an asterisk. Read how and where you can celebrate the New Year to give yourself and your children at least one evening of New Year's miracle in our previous article.

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Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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