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06 Jan. 2024


The biggest travel trends for 2024



The biggest travel trends for 2024

In 2024, travelers will have exciting prospects in the field of tourism brought by innovative trends. One of the key realities will be traveling with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), which will become not only auxiliary but also real companions. Find out more about other trends that will become popular

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

While 2022 was dedicated to the resumption of travel after the Covid-19 pandemic, 2023 was defined as a period when tourists began to explore new destinations with great enthusiasm and get the most out of their trips.

At the same time, experts predict that in 2024, travel will become even more personal for travelers, who will determine their plans based on their own values, giving preference to deep positive experiences, spending time with loved ones and staying healthy.

Conde Nast Traveler has identified 20 travel trends that are likely to be crucial in 2024.

The main travel trends for 2024 are as follows

Astrotourism: Stargazing has always been a source of calming. Traveling together to observe astronomical phenomena in remote places where there is no pollution, crowds, or traffic helps you focus only on the sky and enjoy the views of stars, planets, and constellations. According to scientists, 2024 could be the best year for watching the northern lights in the last 20 years.

Eco-diving: Divers are increasingly choosing travel destinations based on the sustainability and environmental friendliness of dive centers, which contributes to a positive impact on the ocean. People not only enjoy the underwater world, but also do something useful, such as cleaning up trash or collecting data for scientists.

Home sharing: Travelers are increasingly looking to go away for longer periods of time, and with the rise of remote workplaces, home sharing is becoming the perfect solution to getting free accommodation abroad.

Train stations are new places to eat: Railway stations are becoming attractive places for travelers to spend time while waiting for the train, thanks to shops, restaurants and bars. Historic train stations are currently being renovated around the world.

Sports and event tourism: Watching different sports, attending games, races and other events in exotic locations is becoming a popular type of travel.

Cooling off: Due to record high temperatures, many people prefer to travel to places with a temperate climate where there are fewer people.

Concert tourism: After a break in music concerts and festivals during the pandemic, music lovers are combining performances by their favorite artists with exploring new cities or countries.

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Health resorts: There is a growing demand for resorts that offer programs to improve health and longevity.

Refusal to travel during peak season: The number of off-season trips to popular European destinations at lower prices and with fewer tourists is increasing.

Individual group travel: The desire to gather friends or family for a joint vacation remains popular in 2024.

AI travel assistance: After the emergence of ChatGPT, travelers started using AI chatbots to get advice and recommendations on places to visit. Major travel booking platforms have already started integrating AI chatbots into their search processes. While 2023 was focused on AI chatbots planning your trips, 2024 will be focused on how AI becomes your true travel assistant.

Skip-gen: Traveling when grandparents vacation with their grandchildren, "skipping" one generation.

The glamor of traveling by train: For the sake of the environment, tourists are increasingly choosing train travel, abandoning air travel. Travel booking platforms report a growing demand for luxury rail travel, where trains rival the best hotels in terms of design, culinary experience, and service.

Restaurateur-owned hotels: Restaurateurs are increasingly opening hotels themselves, reflecting the growing popularity of food-centric travel.

Quiet travel: Silence is becoming a value for tourists. Quiet travel, which allows you to recover and reboot, is becoming a more conscious type of vacation.

Urban gardens: Architects and designers are creating green microclimates in cities to provide cooling, bring communities together, and improve the lives of urban populations.

House tours: Eco-friendly hotels allow guests to take a look at their sustainability not only by way of instruction, but also through experiential tours that help them understand the importance of supporting socio-economic upliftment through tourism.

Wild Feast: Cooking experiences in natural environments using local or self-sourced ingredients are gaining popularity.

Traveling without a plan: Spontaneity in travel is becoming increasingly popular as tourists are tired of the cookie-cutter "secret" destinations made famous by social media.

Tourism is on the edge: Adventurous travelers are looking for customized and less obvious experiences that combine thrill-seeking with empowerment as popular destinations become congested.

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