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02 Jan. 2024


Mobilization, new compensation, increased pensions and salaries: what will change in Ukraine from January 1

Mobilization, new compensation, increased pensions and salaries: what will change in Ukraine from January 1

Starting from January 1, 2024, Ukraine will introduce significant changes that will affect various spheres of life. One of the key initiatives is the expansion of mobilization activities and the increase in the minimum wage. Find out more about what will change and what updates to expect

More useful news in our Telegram channel
More useful news in our Telegram channel

Every year on January 1, Ukrainians traditionally expect changes, and this year was no exception. Among the most significant changes are new minimum pensions and salaries, as well as updated legislation on the land market. However, the list of innovations is not limited to these aspects.

Here is what else will change for Ukrainians from the beginning of 2024.

Changes in Ukraine from January 1

Increase in minimum wages, pensions and subsistence level

Minimum pensions and salaries will increase. On January 1, the updated state budget comes into force, setting new minimum subsistence levels, minimum wages and pensions. 

In particular, starting from the beginning of 2024, the minimum wage will increase to UAH 7100, which is UAH 400 more than in the previous year. The minimum pension will increase by almost UAH 270 to UAH 2,361, and the maximum pension will increase to UAH 23,610, which is 10 times higher.

The increase in the minimum wage will also lead to an increase in public sector salaries, civil servants' salaries and other payments related to the subsistence level. The next increase is scheduled for April 1, 2024.

Mobilization in Ukraine: the government will approve an update

In January, the Verkhovna Rada is to adopt a law that will determine the next steps for mobilization in Ukraine. Consideration of the draft law is scheduled for January 10, before which it will be studied by a specialized parliamentary committee. 

The draft, developed jointly by the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces, has already received criticism from both MPs and experts. Particular criticisms have been raised regarding the electronic sending of summonses, the mobilization of people with disabilities, and restrictions on mobilization evaders.

The draft law also regulates the issue of leave for the military and establishes the rules of demobilization for those who participated in the war.

Read more about the changes proposed by the government in the new draft law here.

Compensation for independent restoration of destroyed housing during the war

 Starting from January 1, homeowners who have repaired damaged or destroyed housing on their own may receive compensation. Amendments have been made to the Law "On Compensation for Damage and Destruction of Certain Categories of Real Estate as a Result of Hostilities, Terrorist Acts, and Sabotage Caused by the Armed Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine." 

It is now possible to receive compensation for already repaired housing, and the basis for compensation may be a photo record of the damage before the repair, which will be assessed by a special commission. 

Applications are accepted through the Diia app.

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A new stage of land reform in Ukraine begins 

Legal entities registered in Ukraine will be able to buy land and become owners of up to 10 thousand hectares of agricultural land. The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine predicts that this will lead to an increase in land prices.

Currently, land prices are highest in Ternopil, Lviv, and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. The land market for individuals was launched on July 1, 2021, and until 2024, only Ukrainian citizens were allowed to buy no more than 100 hectares of agricultural land.

Quotas for the use of the state language for TV and radio have increased in Ukraine

With the beginning of the new year, the Law on Media also comes into force, which provides for even higher quotas for the Ukrainian language on TV channels and radio stations. According to the law, national and regional channels must broadcast at least 90% of their content in Ukrainian, and local channels must broadcast at least 80%. An exception is provided for those broadcasting in national minority languages, where the quota for the state language must be at least 30%.

According to the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting, during the war, there has been a significant increase in the use of the Ukrainian language on the air, both at the national and regional levels. In the first half of the year, this share was already 99%, which is a significant increase compared to 2013, when Ukrainian-language content accounted for only 16% of television.

We remind you! Starting from the beginning of 2024, Ukraine will see an increase in the cost of services provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). Find out more about how the cost of issuing a driver's license, taking driving tests and registering cars will increase.

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