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Ribas Hotels Group: Artur Lupashko on success factors, innovative approaches and international hotel business abroad

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Ribas Hotels Group: Artur Lupashko on success factors, innovative approaches and international hotel business abroad

Ribas Hotels Group sets new standards in the hotel industry with its unique approach and innovative strategies. A successful combination of experience, talent and vision determines the company's successful path. In our article, the founder of Ribas Hotels Group, Artur Lupashko, highlights important aspects of the hotel business, taking into account international trends and market requirements, and reveals his own secrets of success

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The hotel business is developing rapidly, nowadays the guest is looking for new experiences in the hotel, it is no longer enough to simply offer rooms with good service, it should be a diverse infrastructure and an interesting design. Artur Lupashko, the founder of Ribas Hotels Group, an company engaged in the construction, management and consulting of hotel real estate objects, spoke in an interview about the changes in the accommodation sector, as well as the approach to creating projects and the anatomy of the service.

The history of Ribas Hotels Group

I took the first step on the way to creating the Ribas Hotels Group company with the promotion of a recreation center in Zatoka (Odesa region) with more than 50 rooms in 2013. I engaged in its marketing and increased the object's income by 3 times - the base showed a profit for the first time in 10 years.

Already in 2014, I managed it and additionally took on the promotion of nearby hotel facilities. That period coincided with the crisis, there were not many tourists, but the hotels under my management were completely full. In 2015, I rented an office and hired a few people to help me. From that moment, the path to serious business began, and today Ribas Hotels Group is an international hotel operator.

Factors of success of Ribas Hotels Group projects

First of all, we pay attention to the location of the future project. We choose a place based on the tourist attraction of the region. For example, the western regions of Ukraine are currently in high demand. Yes, the summer season in Bukovel was quite similar to the winter season. During the summer, for the first time, not only July and August, but also June was active. In three months, the indicators in our hotels reached 85% occupancy, which is 25% more than last year's results.

At the second stage, the concept of the object is important, and many factors must be taken into account here. We create a hotel facility, paying attention to infrastructure, design and other aspects. The third important component is service, as we always strive to exceed the expectations of our guests. In this case, we are inspired by success stories from other countries and hotels, as well as other areas, such as beauty and fashion. Observing other businesses, we strive to introduce new quality solutions into our services.

The leader's personal brand is an important element of hotel promotion

The leader's personal brand is also an important component of success, because it influences guests and potential partners, as we actively promote tourism and investments in the hotel business, emphasizing the importance of quality service and innovative projects. My task is to be the voice of these three strategic directions. Guests tag me on social media during their stay at the hotel. Even more investors choose the hotel industry because of their trust in me. New developers choose to cooperate with us, considering our qualities: sincerity, professionalism and strategic focus on high standards. We always strive to implement innovative solutions in our services.

The uniqueness of the Ribas Hotels Group business model and the aspects it includes to achieve success in the hotel industry of Ukraine

Our overall scope of work covers many responsible tasks related to the design, concept development and construction of hotels. We act as a key partner for developers and investors, performing various functions and taking on many aspects of the project. With us, developers and investors do not have to worry about details such as location selection, hotel style, technology, comfort level, infrastructure, number of rooms and hotel management.

For tourists, our projects become a part of fascinating history. We strive to create new, quality hotels designed to offer a unique experience. Changes in the perception of tourism have led to travelers looking for new experiences, exploring culture and enjoying design, so our mission is to create hotels that match this modern approach.

Our main goal for developers and investors is to make their lives easier and more profitable. And for Ukrainians in general – to inspire and motivate to travel Ukraine more often.

What innovative approaches does Ribas Hotels Group use in its work?

We try to instill a culture that it's okay to make mistakes, as long as you admit it and correct it in time. This is a very important story, which allows the team not to be in tension, because the guest feels when the management is very controlling the service, and perceives it as insincerity. Of course, everyone should know the basic standards, as well as the culture of communication with guests, but they also have the right to make a mistake and the opportunity to correct it. The guests really appreciate the situations when something went wrong and the team was able to fix it. I even feel it myself, that when everything is good, you don't even remember the excellent service, but when a situation happened and the staff got out of it successfully - you remember that this team didn't get lost, didn't start making excuses, but was able to fix everything

I say a lot, and many heroes of my book "More than service" said that service works only when it works not only for the external client, but also for the internal team, contractors. We need to care about our team as much as we want them to care about our guests.

The future of the hotel business in Ukraine and the world

I believe that virtual tourism (in VR glasses) will become a new trend, opening the way to the development of many new businesses. During the last 3-5 years, it has gained popularity and, in my opinion, in the future it can become one of the inseparable components of work.

In addition, medical tourism will be relevant. For example, during a 4-day stay in a similar hotel, a guest will be able to undergo detoxification, eat a balanced diet and attend a number of procedures. In particular, we talked to a potential audience in medical resorts such as Skhidnytsia and Berehove, where young people go for short-term recovery procedures. They appreciate the possibility of rapid detoxification of the body and effective improvement of the state of health within a few days.

Also, a trend for education in the field of tourism will appear in the world. It includes training programs of various levels of complexity. It is worth noting that long-term courses are too long for many, so three-day intensives are becoming popular. People come to understand a specific field in a short period of time, to understand the basic principles of its work, and to meet industry experts.

Another direction is tourism for the purpose of education. This may become popular as technology advances, allowing knowledge to be acquired in a more concentrated and accessible manner. An important factor is the high-quality presentation of information: panel discussions, question-and-answer sessions, as well as presentations by several speakers-practitioners allow people to master new areas faster.

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Ribas Hotels Group - plans and challenges

Our goals remain unchanged: we ambitiously strive to become a world-famous network. As the American Hilton is known, the world will also know about the Ukrainian Ribas Hotels Group.

Our efforts to develop communication in different countries are already bearing fruit, and today we can say that we are an international company that successfully exports its services to such countries as Poland, Montenegro, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Georgia, Armenia, Italy and East Asian countries. It is important to note that our activities are not limited to management, but also include designing hotels in different countries.

We are constantly expanding: we recently opened an office in Kyiv and are attracting new projects. Among the last objects that were taken over in Ukraine: Melis apart-hotels in the village of Yablunytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Logos Home Apartment in Yaremche, WOL in Vinnytsia, LEV CITY HOTEL in Lviv and LEV Resort Hotel in Bukovel, PÓTAY cottage towns in Yablunytsia and "Malachite Resort & Spa" in the village of Mykulychyn, DIDUKH Eco-Hotel & SPA hotels in Bukovel, Radisson Hotel City Center Odesa in Odesa, apartment complex WOL by Ribas | Smart Hill in Yaremche, glamping Mandra Lavandiia in Odesa region and others.

Also, during 2023, we opened an office in Warsaw, developed activities in Kazakhstan, Europe and Central Asia. Our company has taken over the management of a hotel complex on the island of Bali:

- Anta Residence Canggu is a 5-star hotel complex located in the popular tourist area of Canggu (Bali, Indonesia), 5 minutes from the Indian Ocean.

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of Anta Residence Canggu is its unique infrastructure, because the complex combines all possible services: restaurant, coffee shop, underground parking, personal golf cart transfer from/to the beach, children's area with babysitter, co-working space, beauty salons, spa, sports hall and surf school. The highlight of Anta Residence Canggu will be the jungle bar, which will be located on the roof of the complex. A tropical infinity pool overlooking the ocean will provide a refreshing escape from the heat.

Also, according to the project, about 10,000 plants that are found only on the beautiful island of Bali, including beautiful 5-meter palm trees and rare tropical plants, are planned to be planted on the territory of the complex.

The highly developed infrastructure of Anta Residence Canggu and the comprehensive hotel management that will be provided by Ribas Hotels Group create ideal conditions for investors.

The complex includes 113 apartments with modern repairs, high-quality furniture and appliances. Investors have access to 5 options of apartments with a price of 135,000 dollars and an area of 38 m².

The hotel sector in Ukraine and the world is actively developing, so hoteliers should pay attention not only to good service, but also pay attention to the infrastructure and design of establishments in order to provide tourists with a certain set of services.

We remind you! Earlier we wrote that despite the challenges faced by the tourism industry today, Ukrainian hotels and travel companies are actively improving their strategies to ensure stability and attractiveness for our citizens and foreign visitors. Find out more about how the hotel and tourism business in Ukraine is adapting and continuing to operate in the midst of the war.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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