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21 Apr. 2022


In which countries can you get a new passport?

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In which countries can you get a new passport?

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Some Ukrainian diplomatic missions have already resumed accepting documents for new biometric passports:

• The Consulate General of Ukraine in Istanbul announced the resumption of documents for the issuance of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine to travel abroad.

To obtain a passport of a citizen of Ukraine to travel abroad to the GKU in Istanbul, you must register for an appointment https://bit.ly/36J599R. This condition is mandatory.

Information on the procedure for issuing a passport - https://bit.ly/2VLFEBE 

The embassy draws attention to the fact that the passport is issued at a foreign diplomatic mission within three months.

• The Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Cyprus resumed accepting documents for the production of a new passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad.

Consular reception is by appointment https://cutt.ly/TGemht6 

The terms of production and delivery of foreign passports may be extended due to the martial law in Ukraine.

• The Embassy of Ukraine in Montenegro begins registration and production of foreign passports in two stages:

- from April 25, citizens of Ukraine who temporarily or permanently reside in the territory of Montenegro, ie only those who have a residence permit (boravak).

- from May 23 to citizens of Ukraine who have acquired the status of temporary protection in Montenegro and received the relevant confirmation.

The deadline for the production and delivery of passports to Montenegro is unknown and will be approximately 3 to 6 months.

From April 25, the consular reception at the Embassy takes place only by appointment in the online queue of the Embassy at the link https://online.mfa.gov.ua/ 

Admission of citizens without registration will be possible only if there are vacancies during the day.

If you register from Russian e-mail addresses or phone numbers, you will be logged out immediately.

• The Embassy of Ukraine in Denmark plans to resume work in the near future on the issues of registration, exchange of passports of Ukrainian citizens for travel abroad.

Information about the resumption of work will be posted on the Facebook page and on the website of the Embassy. The procedure of registration / exchange and the list of necessary documents will be at the link https://cutt.ly/xGeVqLA  (attention !! as of today the information is not updated !!).

At the same time, the production of passports for travel abroad during the war will be slightly longer than the usual pre-war procedure.

For temporarily displaced persons, it should be borne in mind that one of the necessary documents for the above-mentioned consular action is the presence of a foreign residence permit, ie the submission of documents is possible only after obtaining a residence permit in Denmark. How to get a residence permit in Denmark, read the article.

Also, when submitting documents for registration / exchange of passports of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad for persons under 16 years of age, the law provides for notarized consent to document the child of the other parent. Such consent should be taken care of in advance now. Notaries in Ukraine work in many regions.

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