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Travel guide to Ukraine: the best places to visit in Kyiv (part 2)

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Travel guide to Ukraine: the best places to visit in Kyiv (part 2)

Kyiv is a city that can impress everyone, both those who visit the capital of Ukraine for the first time and those who were born and raised here. Find out about the most interesting places to visit in Kyiv in the near future

The largest database of safe tours in Ukraine with English-speaking guides
The largest database of safe tours in Ukraine with English-speaking guides

Kyiv combines ancient history and fast modern life. The lively Ukrainian capital continues to amaze, because in addition to famous sights, there are many hidden gems here.

Top 8 best places to visit in Kyiv further.

Old Podil

● Why should you visit?

Podil is one of the most interesting and ancient districts of Kyiv. According to historians, in the first half of the 1st millennium BC there was already a settlement here, which was a trading center. From the middle of the 9th century, when Kyivan Rus was formed and Kyiv became its capital, Podil was its main craft district.

Every day, in the usual rhythm of fast-paced everyday life, we pass by arches, courtyards, passageways and do not notice the real soul of the capital. Therefore, be sure to find time to learn all the secrets of "Old Podol".

● The cost of the tour: 125 euros (5,125 hryvnias).

Kyiv River Port and Contract Square

● Why should you visit?

The river port in Kyiv is a unique architectural gem, because its building resembles a large ship. This feature adds a whimsical touch to the design of the port and attracts the attention of visitors and passers-by. The observation deck offers a stunning panoramic view of the Dnipro, Podil and picturesque islands.

Also nearby is another important landmark of Kyiv - Kontraktova Square, which is a favorite gathering place of local residents, because it combines history and cultural events. It is here that the famous Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is located, one of the oldest educational institutions in Ukraine.

It is worth immersing yourself in the history of the commercial and cultural center of Kyiv accompanied by a professional guide, because each building here has its own history, and in some of them the 7th generation of the same family continues to live today.

And what is the nightlife of Kyiv worth? Discover all the secrets of the "lower city" during the "Sinful Podol" excursion.

● The cost of the tour: 80 euros (3,280 hryvnias).

Labyrinths of Prince Askold

● Why should you visit?

This is the most confusing and the longest of the labyrinths of underground Kyiv. In the extensive system of passages in the hinterland of the Pechersk hills, you can see structures from three different eras and a unique 33-meter mine. This mine is considered the deepest of all available in the capital.

Test your courage and endurance by diving into the dungeons of the legendary Green Theater during an excursion to the Labyrinths of Prince Askold.

● Cost of the tour: 15 euros (620 hryvnias).

The cemetery of lifting cranes and the largest pumping station in Europe

● Why should you visit?

In densely populated Kyiv, there are also mysterious, deserted and generally unknown places to most residents and guests of the capital. One of them is the cemetery of lifting cranes, where a dozen old iron giants are gathered in a small area. Nearby is the largest pumping station in Europe, as well as the place where the concrete-encased Lybid river flows into the Dnipro. However, you should not go here without an escort, because you can get lost near the abandoned equipment or meet packs of dogs.

You can see the mysterious industrial sights of Kyiv during an individual tour of the "Kyiv Ghetto". Enjoy the interesting and sometimes even scary stories of our guides during the pre-planned route.

● The cost of the tour: 125 euros (5,125 hryvnias).

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Baron Steingel Castle

● Why should you visit?

Baron Shteingel's estate in Kyiv (another name is Pidgorsky's house) resembles a fairy-tale castle. This mansion was built at the end of the 19th century according to the project of the young and very talented architect Mykola Dobachevsky. The special chic of the building is given by a whimsical tower with a pointed Gothic spire, walls with jagged edges, narrow pointed windows and openwork grilles. Above the entrance to the arch are two mythical creatures that seem to support the tower. And one more interesting detail: in front of the entrance to the building, the inscription "SALVE" (translated from Latin - "hello") is laid out in a beautiful mosaic on the marble floor.

Also, not far from Steingel Castle there are several more fabulous buildings. 150 years ago, the homeowners of Kyiv organized a real competition in decorating luxurious palaces. The best master architects realized all the wishes of the customers. Some of these houses resembled real castles, as if they had come out of an old engraving. Today, they have not lost their former flavor, and only a professional guide knows all the secrets of Kyiv castles.

● The cost of the tour: 125 euros (5,125 hryvnias).

Baikovo cemetery

● Why should you visit?

The history of the Fairytale Cemetery is almost 200 years old. A whole complex of ancient crypts has been preserved here - real masterpieces of architecture, where famous and noble people found their last refuge. A typical crypt has an area of about 9 m² and a height of 2 m. All crypts are different. They are united only by the structure - a small room where people who wanted to remember the dead could enter, and a dungeon surrounded by bars, where the coffins were. Many crypts were built by famous architects: Vladyslav Horodetsky, Volodymyr Nikolaev and others.

Also, the Baikovo cemetery became the first place where people of different faiths were buried - Christians, Catholics and the deceased of other faiths found their peace here.

● Cost of the tour: 11 euros (450 hryvnias).

Old Tatarka district

● Why should you visit?

Old Tatarka is a district that definitely stands out from the rest with its grace and charm of the past. The area got its name from the settlement of ethnic Tatars who, hiding from imperial persecution, settled in the suburbs of Kyiv. Later, the Ukrainian intelligentsia came here, who were inspired by the local landscapes for creativity.

Here you will see Kyiv from a different perspective, instead of modern skyscrapers we will be greeted by cozy old mansions and estates, narrow winding roads and paths. Colorful Tatarka will be able to surprise you!

● The cost of the tour: 125 euros (5,125 hryvnias).

The mystical triangle of Kyiv

The legend of the mystical triangle appeared in Kyiv recently, after the publication of Oles Ilchenko's book "The City of Chimeras", dedicated to the work of the prominent Kyiv architect Vladyslav Horodetskyi.

This version is based on the idea that the magic triangle is formed by 3 well-known masterpieces of Kyiv architecture, the facades of which are decorated with whimsical and demonic creatures: the House with Cats (Yagimovsky's Profit House, or Koshchya Castle) at 22 Gogolivska Street, the House with the Gargoyle, where, according to legends, spiritual sessions (Velika Zhytomyrska, 8 a) and the legendary House with Chimeras of V. Horodetskyi (Bankova, 10), which is the apex of this triangle. In the center of the triangle is Sophia of Kyiv, whose influence is weakened by three demonic beings around.

Are you ready to find yourself in the very center of the mystical triangle? This trip will open the central part of Kyiv to you from another side. All lovers of mysteries and mysticism should immerse themselves in the fabulous journey "Mystics and Legends of Kyiv", because it is in Kyiv that the eternal battle between Good and Evil takes place and, thanks to this, the world still maintains a relatively shaky balance of power. Otherwise, how can one explain such a large number of holy temples and cursed Bald Mountains in one city?

● The cost of the tour: 118 euros (4,840 hryvnias).

We previously talked about unusual places worth visiting in Kyiv next weekend.

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