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23 Feb. 2024


The most profitable area: where did Ukrainians invest in 2023?



The most profitable area: where did Ukrainians invest in 2023?

In recent years, Ukrainian citizens have started to invest their own money more actively, as it is a good opportunity to earn additional income in unstable times. Find out where Ukrainians are willing to invest their money and why they choose this particular direction

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

In times of crises, pandemics, and even more so a full-scale war, everyone is looking for an opportunity to earn extra income. Therefore, it is not surprising that investments have become one of the key areas where Ukrainians have begun to show their active role. 

And given that Ukrainian citizens have always been in favor of investing in square meters instead of, say, fictitious Apple shares, it is in the real estate market that Ukrainian investors are most active. At the same time, Ukraine has quite clearly decided on the direction for investment. Thus, the western regions of the country, as well as some foreign locations, have become an outpost of Ukrainian investment. 

The article below describes where Ukrainians were willing to invest in 2023 and why they chose these areas.

Where did Ukrainians invest in 2023?

Real estate in western Ukraine has already become a conditional trend, which has been picked up not only by those who are forced to flee the war, but also by investors. Thus, given the national flavor, constantly evolving infrastructure, geographical location and its diversity, proximity to NATO and EU member states, as well as a much lower number of critical infrastructure that could potentially be in the crosshairs of the aggressor, the largest amount of investment is now coming to this region. 

In addition, it should be borne in mind that restrictions on border crossing and the lack of alternatives for recreation during the war result in the highest concentration of tourists in the western regions of Ukraine. 

However, there is an important "but": if earlier Ukrainians showed the greatest interest in the primary real estate market, buying up objects under construction and receiving returns after the buildings were put into operation, now, with the partial freezing of the primary market, the trends have changed.

Two areas are currently of the greatest interest to investors: urban and resort real estate, with a recreational, entertainment and hotel and restaurant component. These two areas are the leaders in commercial investment.

It is also important that real estate prices in the western regions of Ukraine have already reached their peak, and analysts are recording a downward trend. This is primarily due to the return migration of internally displaced persons. Even today, the threshold for entering the most expensive resort property in the West is no higher than buying a one-bedroom apartment in the capital or Lviv. However, the return on such an investment will be much higher, as capitalization in this region is at the highest level.

Which locations in Ukraine are the most attractive for investment?

Bukovel has become the undisputed leader, not only among Ukrainian but also among foreign investors (including Europeans and US citizens). And this leadership is quite understandable and justified, as such investments usually do not require additional investments and are characterized by high levels of safety, reliability, and future prospects. In addition, Bukovel currently has the most developed hotel, restaurant, tourist and recreational infrastructure of the European level, as well as the highest occupancy rate in any season of the year.

However, other locations in western Ukraine are beginning to attract investors' attention. These include the resorts of Zakarpattia (Truskavets, Skhidnytsia, etc.), Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Uzhhorod. This trend is driven by similar factors, but investment in urban real estate has its own peculiarities. 

First and foremost, the main difference that characterizes Ukrainian investments in 2023 is that investors are no longer limited to buying apartments for daily or long-term rent, but analyze the market and choose which real estate sector to invest in to create a profitable and active case. Such changes are dictated by two factors: instability in the country and active adoption of the experience of economically developed countries.

At the same time, the general uncertainty about the future makes people look for alternatives, and therefore, along with the West, Ukrainians have begun to actively enter the international market and look for real estate for investment abroad. 

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Investing in real estate abroad: which countries are most often chosen by Ukrainians?

The opportunity to diversify the investment portfolio, reach a much higher level of profitability and a more stable market encourage Ukrainians to invest in real estate abroad. In addition, tax advantages provided by some countries, as well as the opportunity to obtain permanent residence permits and, in some cases, citizenship of a particular country, play a significant role here. 

Thus, one of the leading positions is occupied by real estate in Turkey, and there are several reasons for this:

– clear and understandable legislation;

– a large flow of tourists from all over the world (Turkey is among the five world leaders in terms of attendance);

– the highest annual growth rate of housing prices (nominal growth of housing prices - 30% in 2023).

The cities on the Mediterranean coast of Antalya and Istanbul are in the highest demand.

In addition, among the leaders, not only among Ukrainians but also among investors around the world, is Indonesia, namely the island of Bali. According to Anton Taranenko, CEO of the international development company ANTA Group, founder of the online platforms Visit Ukraine and Visit World, Australians and Singaporeans are the most willing to invest in square meters in Bali. Representatives of the European Union are in second place in terms of presence in the Balinese real estate market, with the French, Dutch and Germans being the most active.

Experts confidently call this area perhaps the most profitable in the world (the average yield in the world is 5%, in Bali - the level is kept at 12-16%), because there are not only high rates of return, but also a stable economy (7th place in the world) and very favorable conditions for investment (there are no mandatory requirements for residence and citizenship).

According to Anton Taranenko, the most popular location among investors is the southwest of the island, especially the Chang district. The Bukit Peninsula and the Ubud region are also in demand.

At the same time, in 2023, the trends in buying real estate in Bali began to change, and if earlier the greatest demand was for villas and townhouses, now there is a rapidly growing interest in buying hotel apartments.

"This is a new format for Bali, which is now actively developing. The entry threshold is from $120 thousand to $350 thousand. The yield on such an investment is 14-16% per annum," says Anton Taranenko.

It should be noted that capital diversification, especially if you already have real estate in Ukraine, is extremely important for competent risk management. That is why investing in real estate abroad is one of the most effective ways to preserve and increase capital. 

If you are looking for investment properties abroad, we recommend that you contact ANTA Group, which helps investors save their time and earn high passive income by analyzing the market and implementing projects in the most promising regions of the world.

Follow the link to get acquainted with the available projects and get advice from a real estate specialist.

We remind you! Real estate in Bali has become extremely popular among those looking for a place to invest. Anton Taranenko, CEO of ANTA Group, an international real estate developer with over 10 years of experience in the real estate market, spoke in detail about the main trends in the real estate market in Bali, key aspects of investment potential and real returns on investment in Bali. For more details, please follow the link.

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