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29 Apr. 2022


Humanitarian flights for Ukrainians will depart from Warsaw to Spain and Argentina

For refugees


Humanitarian flights for Ukrainians will depart from Warsaw to Spain and Argentina

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Solidaire and Open Arms are organizing humanitarian flights from Warsaw to Spain and Argentina for Ukrainians affected by the war. These organizations are accountable to the Spanish government and have already rescued 1,200 migrants from Ukraine.

Flights depart from Warsaw on May 5 to Spain (Madrid or Barcelona) and on May 6 to Argentina.

To take humanitarian flights, you need to:

- be a citizen of Ukraine or have a place of residence in Ukraine

- have a passport, identity card or birth certificate

- be in Warsaw the day before the flight

- minors can travel accompanied by immediate relatives and / or with parental permission. Unaccompanied minors cannot take the flights

You can apply for a flight by following the link. After submitting the application, those interested will receive all information about the flight and logistics to Spain.

For travelers to Spain:

- The flight can depart to Barcelona or Madrid.

- Family or friends should meet you at the airport. If they cannot pick you up on the day of your flight's arrival, you might be offered a one-night stay through the Red Cross.

- Moving from Barcelona or Madrid to the destination of family or friends, who greet you, will be at your own expense.

- The rest of the people who travel and have no relatives / friends in Spain, after arriving at the airport in Barcelona or Madrid, will be greeted by the Spanish Red Cross. The Red Cross is the main institution selected by the Spanish government through the Ministry of Inclusion to accept and accompany people arriving in Spain from Ukraine with EU protection status.

It is very important: under this program of the Ministry of Inclusion, people who come to Spain can be relocated to any other city in Spain, depending on the availability of housing and other conditions. The Red Cross provides accommodation, food, education for children, legal procedures and response to any health problems that may arise.

For travelers to Argentina:

The flight to Argentina arrives in the city of Buenos Aires and is designed mainly for those people who have relatives or friends welcoming them in this country. For those who are not in this situation, there are also several options for temporary shelter.