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01 May. 2022


Top popular professions in Poland

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Top popular professions in Poland

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Poland is one of those countries that has hospitably received many IDPs from Ukraine. On March 9, 2022, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland passed the Law on Assistance to the Citizens of Ukraine in connection with the Russian invasion. It is this law that regulates the legality of Ukrainians' stay in Poland and their employment.

It is difficult to find highly qualified workers in any industry in Poland today. There has been a shortage of labor in various spheres and industries for a long time. In Poland, people who have temporarily moved here because of the war in Ukraine can get the following job. 

The first place is occupied by seasonal work, which includes vacancies in the following areas:

• agriculture - harvesters, fruit canning;

• tourism business - work in hotels, on cruise ships;

• construction and repair - demanded are masons, welders; plasterer, builders, carpenters, electricians;

• fisheries - work on fishing trawlers;

• forestry - some types of logging work.

Among the most popular employees in Poland are IT specialists. There are increasingly more IT vacancies in Poland. The average salary in IT in Poland is about 6 509 zł.

There is a great shortage of seamstresses in Poland's light industry, and many companies need experienced specialists.

In the field of services you can work as a cook, salesman, waiter, barista, plumber.

In the beauty industry valued are qualified beauticians and hairdressers.

There are many vacancies for teachers and specialists in preschool education, nannies, but to be hired as a teacher, you need excellent knowledge of Polish.

There is a significant shortage of medical workers in Poland (physiotherapists, masseurs, doctors, rescuers), so doctors from abroad are invited to the country. To work in medicine you are required to have a high level of the Polish language knowledge (at the level of minimum B2). Physicians work in clinics with modern equipment in shifts (12 or 24 hours) or full time (8 hours).

Office work for accountants, HR specialists, assistants (finance assistants, HR administrative assistants, etc.) is also in demand.

There are also many vacancies for engineers in various manufacturing fields. Construction in Poland is a seasonal job, so civil engineers are in demand only in the warm season. Work in the construction industry is also no less in demand.

Foreign men are invited to work as security guards and car painters. There is a lack of drivers, truck and tractor drivers. Truck drivers have the highest paid job. Taxi drivers are also needed, including on Uber.

Summarizing the above, we come to the conclusion that in Poland you can find temporary or permanent work for specialists with different levels of education and qualifications. Salaries in Poland are higher than in Ukraine, which allows for high income and excellent potential for further development. If you are hardworking and responsible, you will always be able to find a job and a decent income in Poland.