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02 May. 2022


Visit Ukraine and Razom continue working for Ukrainians and foreigners 24/7



Visit Ukraine and Razom continue working for Ukrainians and foreigners 24/7

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

More than 2 months of Russia's war against Ukraine are behind us. More than 2 months since the beginning of the Russian invasion Visit Ukraine remains 24/7 in touch with Ukrainians and foreigners in need. From the first day of the barbarous attack, we have been holding the information frontier and advising on sirens, bomb shelters, passports, borders and much more for our common safety.

In shelters, abroad, in different parts of the country - we continued to carry our guard in Ukrainian and English.

Our hotline has become really hot: we process more than 1 thousand applications every day. More than 70,000 users find the necessary information on the portal every day, and more than 57,000 people have received targeted assistance since the beginning of the war.

In addition to the hotline, we have published 250+ informative articles on Visit Ukraine, where you can find reliable information on the rules of crossing borders, staying in countries from the United States to Poland and, of course, about safety in our native Ukraine.

Thanks to the support of public organizations, in particular Razom, the Visit Ukraine team continues to move forward towards our victory, staying with everyone who needs help, at the distance of one call, SMS or click. Let's unite, together we are a force!

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