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Comfortable and romantic: where to go on your honeymoon and how to plan it correctly



Comfortable and romantic: where to go on your honeymoon and how to plan it correctly

The wedding journey or honeymoon is an important moment for people who have tied themselves in marriage. This period should go exactly as you plan it, as it will remain in your memory for a lifetime. Find out which places to consider travelling to and how to choose the right destination

Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste

A honeymoon is not just a trip, but the beginning of a life together. It should be not only romantic, but also comfortable, so that the impressions remain vivid for many years. Here are the best honeymoon destinations in Ukraine and Europe, where each couple will find something different - from quiet corners of nature to the bustle of the city and cultural heritage.

Honeymoon in Ukraine


A city shrouded in an atmosphere of love and romance. Narrow streets, baroque and gothic architecture, cosy cafes. Couples can enjoy the taste of Lviv coffee and chocolate, visit museums and galleries, and enjoy the sunset at the height of the High Castle.

In addition, during the warm season, this city turns green and gives unforgettable emotions to its guests.

Carpathian Mountains

An ideal place for those who prefer outdoor activities. Mountain scenery, clean air and the opportunity to go hiking, rafting or skiing in winter. A holiday in a wooden cottage with a fireplace will add cosiness and romance.

You can also visit the Bukovel resort, where you can enjoy a variety of entertainment and go to one of the restaurants for a romantic dinner. 


The city, which stands on the Black Sea, offers romantic walks along Primorsky Boulevard, visits to famous Odesa sights and evenings on the beach to the sound of the waves.

The centre of Odesa is always fun and interesting, especially during the tourist season. You should visit Deribasovskaya Street and visit one of Odesa's restaurants.

These three regions are not the whole list of suitable places for honeymooners. If you want to explore the best travel destinations in more detail, follow the link to our tour bank, which will open hundreds of offers for a comfortable holiday for every taste.

Honeymoon in Europe

Obviously, today's realities mean that not all Ukrainians can afford to go on holiday in Europe, but if you have the opportunity, you should definitely visit the following places during your honeymoon.

Paris, France

No wonder the French capital is called the city of love. The Eiffel Tower, walks in Montmartre, dinner in a restaurant overlooking the city lights - all this creates a unique atmosphere of romance.

And romantic walks in local parks and squares will only add to the loving atmosphere for your couple. However, please note that Paris is one of the most touristy cities in Europe, so we recommend planning all your walks and visits to cultural events in advance. By the way, you can find free tours in Paris that are no less exciting. 

Venice, Italy

One of the most romantic cities in Europe offers a variety of leisure options. Gondolas running under bridges, narrow canals, and majestic architecture. Venice is known for its romantic atmosphere and exclusivity.

At the same time, we must warn you that this spring the city authorities have started testing the system of payment for entry to Venice for tourists. It was reported that during the testing phase, the entry fee will be EUR 5. The programme includes 29 "paid" days from April to mid-July, including most weekends. However, visitors coming to Venice for dinner or a concert will not have to pay.

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Santorini, Greece

This island is known for its breathtaking sunsets, white houses with blue domes, and crystal-clear sea. An ideal destination for couples who want to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature.

A trip to Santorini will bring you an unforgettable experience and a whirlwind of emotions. 

Prague, Czech Republic

A city rich in history and culture, known for its medieval castles, stone bridges and cosy streets. Prague offers a perfect balance between historical monuments and attractions.

Speaking of European destinations, Prague can be considered one of the most convenient locations for Ukrainians, as there is a direct train to the Czech capital from Ukraine.

You can find out what excursions, museums and other places to visit in Prague here.

How to plan a honeymoon properly?

When choosing a honeymoon destination, you should consider the interests and preferences of both partners. It is important to determine whether you prioritise a romantic atmosphere, adventure, beach holidays, exploring new cultures or something else.

Preparing for the trip: It's important to get ready for your holiday in advance, prepare all the documents and take care of your safety during the upcoming trip. By the way, an insurance policy can help you with this, which will cover the costs in case of unforeseen situations on holiday. For more information on what insurance offers, see here.

Budget: First of all, determine how much you are willing to spend on your trip. Some destinations may be more expensive due to the cost of accommodation, food, and flights.

Season: Also consider the weather conditions in your chosen destination during your honeymoon. For example, summers in southern Europe can be very hot, while winter and spring in the Carpathian Mountains are ideal for skiing.

Duration of the trip: Depending on how much time you can spare for your honeymoon, choose a destination closer or further away. If you only have a few days, it's best to stay close to you to avoid long flights.

Exclusivity: If you're looking for privacy and exclusivity, look for less popular destinations or luxury hotels and villas where you can enjoy each other without any disturbances.

Activities: Choose a destination where you can do your favourite activities - whether it's diving, skiing, gastronomic tours, museums and art galleries.

A honeymoon is a unique chance to start your life together with pleasant and unforgettable moments. Whether it's the picturesque corners of Ukraine or romantic European capitals, it's important that the trip reflects your shared dream. Plan ahead, leave room for spontaneous adventures and enjoy every moment you spend together.

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