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14 Apr. 2024


What are the fuel prices in Ukraine: how much will a road trip cost?

For foreigners in UA
What are the fuel prices in Ukraine: how much will a road trip cost?

The cost of fuel in Ukraine has increased significantly since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Find out what are the current prices for gasoline and diesel and how much it will cost to travel around Ukraine in your own or rented car

Take care of insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine
Take care of insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine

A large number of foreigners enter Ukraine by car, and the vast majority of them are traveling for private purposes. At the same time, the cost of traveling by car in Ukraine has increased significantly since the start of the full-scale invasion, as the price of fuel depends on many factors. These factors include: global oil prices, exchange rates, taxes and excise taxes, distribution and retail margins, logistics costs, and ultimately demand. At the same time, economic, political and regulatory changes can also affect fuel prices.

We have described in detail the rules for entering Ukraine by cars with foreign registration in this article

Fuel prices in Ukraine in 2024

According to the State Statistics Service, gasoline, specifically A-95, is the most popular fuel in Ukraine. It is inferior in demand to all other types of fuel, including A-92, diesel, and gas. At the same time, electric cars are currently the least widespread, but electric charging stations can be easily found in large cities and on highways. Read here to find out what types of electric stations are available in Ukraine and how to find them.

What fuel is available in Ukraine and how much it costs (average prices as of April 2024):

➤ gasoline A-100, A-98: ~63 UAH/liter - 1.50 EUR/liter (available at some gas stations in large cities: UPG, WOG, SOCAR, KLO, GRAND PETROL)

➤ A-95 premium gasoline: ~57.83 UAH/liter - 1.37 EUR/liter

 ➤ A-95 gasoline: ~54.35 UAH/liter - 1.29 EUR/liter

 ➤ A-92 gasoline: ~51.36 UAH/liter - 1.22 EUR/liter

 ➤ diesel fuel: ~54.58 UAH/liter - 1.30 EUR/liter

 ➤ automotive gas: ~28.05 UAH/liter - 0.67 EUR/liter 

It should be borne in mind that the cost of fuel can vary significantly in different regions of Ukraine and at different gas stations.

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How much will it cost to travel from the western borders to Kyiv by car?

For the calculation, let's take one of the most popular crossing points on the border with Poland, namely Medyka-Szegyni. The distance from Medyka to Kyiv is 629 kilometers (approximate travel time, excluding queues at the border and traffic jams), about 8 hours.

For the calculation, let's take a car with a consumption of 7 liters of A-95 gasoline per 100 kilometers (on the highway). Such a trip will require about 44 liters of gasoline, which will cost 2,390 hryvnias (about 57 euros).

For comparison, public transportation from western Ukraine to Kyiv will cost between 500 and 1,500 hryvnias (12 to 36 euros), depending on the point of departure, type of transport, and travel time. However, it is clear that personal comfort and mobility when traveling by public transport cannot be compared to traveling by car. 

At the same time, another popular option among foreigners is to get to Ukraine by public transport and then rent a car for the duration of their stay in the country (we told you how to rent a car for a foreigner in this article). But such a trip will, of course, be more expensive, because the cost must include the vehicle rental itself. 

The cost of renting a car in Ukraine varies and depends on both the make and model of the car and the city where you rent it. On average, a car rental will cost from 1000 to 2000 UAH (24 to 48 euros) per day.

Please note that when planning a trip to Ukraine, you should first of all take care of an appropriate insurance policy, as any foreign insurance automatically expires after crossing the Ukrainian border. In this case, we recommend that you take out insurance specifically covering military risks, which will cover not only standard medical care/treatment/diagnosis, etc. but also accidents and injuries caused by passive or direct military risks.

You can take out such insurance on the Visit Ukraine website. Follow the link and choose an insurance policy with the appropriate coverage and indemnity amount for the required period.

We remind you! Foreigners in Ukraine can use an international driver's license. However, after registration, it is necessary to obtain a Ukrainian license. Read how a foreigner can get a driver's license in Ukraine and what documents are required in our previous article.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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