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23 Apr. 2024


Where to go for the May holidays in 2024? The most interesting tours in Ukraine



Where to go for the May holidays in 2024? The most interesting tours in Ukraine

If you still don't know where to go for the May holidays, we have a selection of exciting destinations for you! Find out more about where to go for May holidays 2024 in Ukraine

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

May weekend is the best time for rest, adventure and new discoveries. Ukraine is rich in natural, cultural, interesting and unusual places. If you have not yet decided where to go this spring, we offer you exciting destinations and interesting excursions that will surely win your heart.


● Immerse yourself in the romance of spring Kyiv during an interesting weekend trip to the capital of Ukraine, drowning in the exuberance of spring flowers and velvety green trees along the Dnipro. During your trip to the Mezhyhirya National Park, you will hear amazing stories about the former residence and its inhabitants, take many wonderful photos and enjoy the fabulous atmosphere.

- Tour dates: May 18-19.

- Departure from Lutsk and Rivne.

Kyiv Carpathians - few people know that in the southern part of Kyiv, on the outskirts of the ancient Holosiiv forest, a picturesque valley has spread out that is very reminiscent of the Carpathian Mountains. Therefore, you can enjoy the mountain scenery without leaving the city. As part of the walk, you can walk through the forest and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the capital. The path will run from the ancient Chinaiv tract to the former village of Pirogov.

- Tour duration: 1 day.

- Meeting place: at the entrance to the building of the library named after Vernadskyi (3 Holosiivskyi prospect), near the "Demiivska" metro station.


A good opportunity to spend the weekend in May very interestingly - go on a trip to the most interesting tourist sites of Bukovyna as part of the excursion to Chernivtsi and Tulip Valley.

The itinerary includes visits to:

- the Chervonogorod palace, which was the most beautiful in the territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, built according to the then latest fashion in the Italian style.

- Dzhurynsky Waterfall is a majestic and powerful waterfall with a height of 16 meters and a width of 20 meters, which is rightfully considered the most beautiful and largest waterfall of the plain territory of Ukraine.

- Chernivtsi - for many years this city in Ukraine is also known as "little Vienna". The unique and ancient architecture of Chernivtsi combined with national cuisine will give travelers a festive mood.

- Tulip Valley - beautiful tulip fields are located not far from Chernivtsi. Every year, more than fifty varieties of bright and colorful flowers bloom here, mesmerizing with their beauty.

- Tour duration: 2 days.

- Departure from Lutsk, Rivne.


● Connoisseurs of nature, history and archeology are invited to hike Kostel Mountain. The first stop of the tour is the Earth History Park - a place where you can easily travel to the era of prehistoric animals, when mammoths lived on the planet. Find out how and where the first people lived, what they did and much more. Moreover, everyone will be able to participate in archaeological exploration and try to discover something new or test the role of a pioneer.

On the second day, tourists can enjoy a walk along the picturesque canyon of the Prutets River and a mini-climb to the Kostel rock, which is also called Gorgan. The route is of medium difficulty, suitable for beginners.

During the trip, you will visit a cool location - the Great Hutsul Swing, where you can take real Instagram photos.

Optional: jeeping to the Zhenetski Guk waterfall, bathing in tanks with fragrant Carpathian herbs

- Tour duration: 2 days.

- Departure from Lutsk and Lviv.

Climbing the Yavirnyk ridge is a tourist route of medium difficulty for real explorers. There is really a lot to see here - the forest landscapes and landscapes of the Ukrainian Carpathians take the breath away of even experienced travelers.

The highest peak of the Yavirnyk ridge is called Yavirnyk-Gorgan (1467 m). It is located in the southeastern part of Gorgan on the territory of the Yaremchan City Council.

Yavirnyk-Gorgan is a wonderful observation point in the Carpathians, from where you can see the neighboring mountains and ridges like in the palm of your hand: Sinyak (1665 m), Dovbushanka (1754 m), as well as the Chornohir massif with the highest point of Ukraine - Hoverla (2061 m). On the southern slopes of the mountain is the Yavirnyk meadow - another great place for recreation, from which you can see the most popular mountains of the Gorgan massif: Khomyak, Makovitsa and Sinyak.

As part of the excursion, the tourist will be able to see the unique landscapes of the Carpathians and get healthy accompanied by a cool guide.

- Tour duration: 7 hours.

- Departure from Yaremche.

MEGA tour to the Carpathians would be a great idea for a trip to the May holidays. During a 7-day vacation in Vorokhta, tourists can expect many mountain hikes accompanied by an interesting guide, acquaintance with Ukrainian culture and nature, as well as real rest in the most comfortable conditions.

Key attractions: Vorokhta, Carpathians, Chornohirsky ridge, Hoverla, high-altitude lakes and polonys.

- Tour duration: 7 days.

- Departure from Vorokhta.

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Transcarpathia is a unique region of Ukraine and currently one of the safest places in the country. Here, on a relatively small territory, real treasures of nature, monuments of history, culture, as well as gastronomic highlights are collected. Taking a spring trip here is a pretty great idea.

10 highlights of Transcarpathia - a trip that combines all the best that hospitable Transcarpathia can offer - the Carpathians, castles, palaces and wine.

- Tour duration: 3 days.

- Departure from Lviv.

● If you want to get to know Transcarpathia in all its diversity, we invite you to take part in the educational tour Excursion to Khust "Highlights of Khust region: thermal springs, deer and cheese", which gives vivid and unforgettable impressions.

You will visit the village of Iza - the center of wickerwork, where folk craftsmen create masterpieces from ordinary willow vines. At the deer farm, you will get to know one of the most graceful animals - the spotted deer. In the village of Baranovo, you will visit a craft cheese factory, where ecologically clean cheeses are produced, and take part in a tasting. A visit to thermal pools with unique healing water will be a useful addition to the tour. And all this is against the background of the picturesque mountain panoramas of the Khustshchyna.

- Tour duration: 1 day.

- Departure from Uzhhorod.

● Transcarpathia is known throughout Ukraine for its blossoming cherry blossoms, which once a year immerse the city of Uzhgorod in a fairy-tale atmosphere. On these May holidays, treat yourself to a fantastic trip to "Ukrainian Japan", where, in addition to flowering trees, tourists can enjoy an excursion to the Shenborn Palace, Uzhgorod Castle, a trip to Mukachevo, wine tasting, rest in the "Zolota Gora" thermal complex, and many other interesting things.

- Tour duration: 3 days.

- Departure from Lutsk, Rivne.

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