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30 Apr. 2024


Summer season 2024: where to go in Ukraine?



Summer season 2024: where to go in Ukraine?

Planning a trip to Ukraine this summer? This is a great idea, because the state is rich in interesting places, so finding a location for a good summer vacation will be quite simple. Find out more about where to go this summer in Ukraine in our selection of exciting destinations

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

Summer is a period of travel, rest, adventure and new discoveries. Ukraine is famous for its wonderful seas, fast rivers, crystal clear lakes, stunningly beautiful ponds, waterfalls, healing thermal springs, as well as cultural monuments, interesting and unusual places. Considering the wealth of our country, finding a good place for a summer vacation will be quite simple.

If you haven't decided where to go this summer, we offer you exciting destinations and interesting excursions that will surely win your heart.

The Carpathians are a city of strength and crystal freshness

The charm of the mountain peaks and green valleys of the Carpathians captivates tourists at any time of the year. However, the mountains acquire a special charm on warm summer days, when nature blooms, and the mountain air gives the dreamy coolness in the midst of a hot summer.

Trekking to Mount Kostel is a two-day trip for nature, history and archeology connoisseurs. On the first day, you will visit the Earth History Park - a place where you can easily travel to the era of prehistoric animals and mammoths, find out how and where the first people lived, participate in archaeological exploration and try to test your role as a pioneer.

On the second day, tourists can enjoy a walk along the picturesque canyon of the Prutets River and a mini-climb to the Kostel rock, which is also called Gorgan (route of medium difficulty).

During the walk, you will visit a cool location - the Great Hutsul swing, where you can take real Instagram photos.

- Tour duration: 2 days.

- Departure from Lutsk and Lviv.

MEGA tour to the Carpathians – a 7-day vacation in Vorokhta, filled with mountain hikes accompanied by an interesting guide, visits to historical and cultural monuments, as well as Carpathian hospitality and delicious cuisine. Explore the fantastic Carpathians in one vacation.

- Tour duration: 7 days.

- Departure from Vorokhta.

Ascent to Hoverla. Summer is the best time to conquer the highest peak of Ukraine - Mount Hoverla. This is an opportunity to test your strength and see the Carpathian Mountains in all their glory. This is not only the highest mountain of our country, but also an extremely picturesque location with beautiful views of Montenegro and beyond.

Climbing Hoverla is a one-day hike designed for 5-6 hours of active walking.

- Tour duration: 1 day

- Departure from Yaremche.

● Bukovel is not only a resort for fans of winter recreation, but also a unique place for a summer vacation. The Lake of Youth, which is located nearby, invites you to enjoy a beach holiday with a view of the mountains, to forget all worries and feel true harmony with nature.

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Transcarpathia is a safe place for relaxation

● Transcarpathia is a unique region of Ukraine, where real treasures of nature, monuments of history and culture, as well as gastronomic masterpieces are collected in a relatively small area. The trip of “10 highlights of Transcarpathia” combines all the best that hospitable Transcarpathia can offer - the Carpathians, castles, palaces and wine. Relax and rejuvenate during your summer vacation.

- Tour duration: 3 days.

- Departure from Lviv.

● You will be able to relax your soul and body during your summer vacation – Great Relaxation Tour Lviv – Carpathians – Transcarpathia.

The trip combines a tour of the "Streets of Old Lviv", a rest in the "Kosino Thermal Waters" health complex, a visit to the "Botar" tasting hall, a trip to the wickerwork capital of Ukraine, a deer farm, a tour of Mukachevo, a visit to the new modern water park "Karpatiya", a balneological resort "Lumshory" and many other interesting things.

- Tour duration: 7 days.

- Departure on Tuesday from Lviv. You can come here from Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Poltava, Sumy and other cities of Ukraine on Monday.

Lake Synevyr is a very beautiful, romantic and extremely inspiring place, being in which you feel how you are filled with vital energy and natural strength. Thanks to its beauty and uniqueness, Synevyr is included in the list of "Seven Wonders of Ukraine". Its depth reaches 24 meters, and the water remains icy in all weather conditions. Synevir is approximately 10,000 years old.

- Tour duration: 1 day

- Departure from Uzhhorod.

Odesa is the sea pearl of Ukraine

● Odesa is not just a Ukrainian city, it is a separate universe, super beautiful and very hospitable. Discover this Black Sea pearl during an individual sightseeing tour of Odessa.

- Tour duration: 2.5 hours

- Departure from Odessa.

● Even the mayor does not know how many bazaars and markets there are in Odessa. However, it is a very important part of the life and color of the city. Starokinny Market, Novy Bazaar, Pryvoz and Hay Market, Kirovsky Square and the Greek Bazaar, and "something else with something-there"... This is the excursion that gives you a sense of the whole mood of Odessa. This is the trip that makes it clear why Odesa is imagined the way it is all over the world.

- Duration of the tour: 2.5 - 3 hours

- Departure from Odessa.

Individual wine tour near Odessa – just one day will be enough to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. During the trip, you will go outside the city, but not so far that you have time to get tired of the road. You will see unique wineries, the incredible Odessa coast, attend a wine tasting and hear many interesting stories about wine production technologies. All this to cheer up and restore strength.

- Tour duration: 1 day

- Departure from Odessa.

So, in Ukraine there are many places for summer vacation, the beauty of which takes your breath away. Unfortunately, due to the war, the most popular Ukrainian summer resorts are currently unavailable. However, there are cities in our selection that can offer real relaxation on a warm summer day.

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We wish you a good trip!

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