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05 May. 2024


Adventures, mysteries, and more: top travel trends for summer 2024



Adventures, mysteries, and more: top travel trends for summer 2024

Summer 2024 promises to be an exciting time to travel with a variety of vacation opportunities. Find out more about the main trends in tourism this year and what types of vacation travelers are increasingly preferring

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

The summer season and vacations are just a month away, and most travelers have already planned their trips in advance to maximize savings on their vacations.

Based on data on tourist demand for various types of recreation in recent months, Pinterest analysts have identified the main travel trends for the summer of 2024.

Summer 2024 travel trends: details

“In 2024, wellness travel will take over. As the hustle and bustle of everyday life takes its toll, travelers are looking for digital detoxification and calming amidst serene landscapes and rejuvenating experiences. Say goodbye to crowded cities and hello to wild places that promise tranquility and self-discovery. Adventure travel for adrenaline lovers, mysterious places that add thrills and wonders, as well as nature trips are all becoming more and more popular,” analysts emphasize.

Experts also emphasize that in 2024, traveling alone will remain popular as people seek personal growth and self-reflection. Meanwhile, representatives of Generation Z are taking the opportunity to strengthen friendships with friends through personal and budget travel.

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Five leading trends in tourism for the summer of 2024:

• The desire for adventure. People are increasingly interested in adventure travel, which offers them a dose of adrenaline, communication with nature and mood enhancement. Popular types of adventure tourism include waterpark rides, luxury safaris, hiking, underwater photography, and much more.

• Quiet travel. Quiet and peaceful destinations where people can take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life are growing in popularity. Digital detox travel and solo travel are gaining in importance for those seeking peace and relaxation.

Among the most popular “quiet” travel formats are glamping (+260% increase in interest), national park (+250%), mountain hut (+180%), rustic atmosphere (+145%), wellness retreat (+90%), island life (+30%), and forest walk (+30%).

• Visiting mysterious places. Travelers are increasingly interested in visiting places that are hidden from public view and filled with mystery and charm. From majestic natural landscapes to ancient ruins, these places offer an unforgettable experience and an opportunity for spiritual development.

• Tourism for Generation Z. Young people are increasingly choosing road trips and traveling with friends as a way to relax, giving them freedom and the opportunity to socialize more closely.

In particular, young people born between 1997 and 2012 are increasingly choosing road trips with friends as an affordable and exciting way to relax. This form of travel allows not only to save money by sharing expenses, but also to be spontaneous in planning. 

In this direction, travelers are most often looking for: comfortable travel clothes (+250% increase in interest), what to take with them on the trip (+66%), snacks on the road (+65%), where to go with friends (+50%) and nature with friends (+50%).

• Popular destinations. Travelers choose exotic vacation destinations where they can enjoy local culture, cuisine, and natural beauty.

Modern tourists are not only looking for new places to discover, they are actively exploring routes that match their interests and hobbies. They enjoy exotic cuisine, immerse themselves in local culture, attend exciting nightlife, and explore tranquil rural landscapes. By combining their passions, these trips broaden their horizons and deepen their cultural ties.

Some of the most popular destinations this summer include: London lifestyle (+340% increase in interest), South African food (+320%), partying in Santorini (+300%), Goa nightlife (+270%), summer in Brazil (+250%), Bali vibes (+195%), Myanmar history (+170%), rural India (+100%), Singapore culture (+100%), and Moroccan aesthetics (+90%).

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