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07 May. 2024


Traveling abroad by male students: current rules

Entry rules


Traveling abroad by male students: current rules

On April 3, Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 366 of April 2, 2024, came into force, amending the Rules for Crossing the State Border of Ukraine. Find out what has changed for male students and what documents they can now use to travel abroad

Legal aid for Ukrainians online
Legal aid for Ukrainians online

On April 3, 2024, Ukraine changed the rules for male students to travel abroad under martial law. The relevant resolution (No. 366) was published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. More details about the changes and the necessary documents for crossing the border are described below.

Current rules of leaving Ukraine for male students

According to the text of the resolution, starting from April 3, 2024, male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 22 may cross the state border if they

– are studying full-time;   

– are obtaining a bachelor's or master's degree in medical, pharmaceutical or veterinary specialization in higher education institutions of Ukraine of state or municipal ownership;

– are participants in educational academic mobility programs and are enrolled in foreign educational institutions.

Please note! In order to cross the border, a student must meet all of the above conditions. That is, if at least one of the conditions is violated, such a person may be denied the right to leave Ukraine even if they have the necessary documents.

In addition, it is important to note that the time of continuous stay of such a person abroad is limited to one academic semester.

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What documents does a male student need to leave Ukraine?

To cross the state border, male students must provide supporting documents, namely:

1. A certificate from a higher education institution of Ukraine confirming that the participant of the educational academic mobility program has been sent to study at a foreign educational institution. The certificate must specify

– grounds for cooperation;

– the duration of the academic semester abroad; 

– the appropriate level of proficiency of the student in the language taught at the foreign educational institution;

– data on the absence of negative grades and facts of retakes of tests and exams based on the results of the last two semesters (six months).

2. A copy of the academic mobility agreement, certified by the educational institution of Ukraine in the prescribed manner.

3. E-ticket of the student (pupil), verified by means of the Diia Portal using electronic devices by reading or entering a unique electronic identifier.

4. A military registration document with the appropriate marks of the TCC and JV.

For detailed information on the conditions and rules of crossing the state border of Ukraine for study purposes, please contact Visit Ukraine lawyers. You can order a specialist consultation by following this link.

We remind you! In 2024, the rules for crossing the border for men have not changed, but border checkpoints have begun to require additional confirmation from those who have the right to leave. Read what categories of men can freely leave Ukraine and what documents they need to have in our previous article.

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