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11 May. 2022


How can Ukrainian women apply for maternity leave abroad?

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How can Ukrainian women apply for maternity leave abroad?

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Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of April 22, 2022 № 675 simplified the procedure for obtaining a medical certificate of temporary incapacity for work (MCTIW) by pregnant women who were forced to go abroad due to Russian aggression against Ukraine.

▶️ Currently MCTIW and as a result - e-leave can be issued after 30 weeks of pregnancy, without personal examination of the woman, based on the results of remote interaction with her (by consulting, interviewing, exchanging information) using technical means of electronic communication.

▶️ To do this, the woman should contact the doctor who monitored her pregnancy and inform about the desire to receive MCTIW. If it is not possible to see her doctor - a woman can go to another doctor and provide documents proving pregnancy and its term. These may include documents received by a woman abroad. The need to translate such documents into the state language is determined by the doctor, depending on the technical possibilities of making an entry in the language of the original document.

▶️ After checking the data, an e-leave will be created, which is the basis for receiving maternity benefits from the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine.

▶️ ️In order to make the payment, the employer of the pregnant woman must submit a corresponding application-calculation, drafted based on the e-leave, to the Social Insurance Fund.