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31 Jul. 2022


Medical care for pregnant Ukrainian women abroad

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Medical care for pregnant Ukrainian women abroad

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The Ministry of Health has published a list of services that Ukrainian women can receive during pregnancy and childbirth in European countries. Women who left Ukraine because of the war have the right to free pregnancy support, medical services during childbirth, and care for mother and child after birth.

However, as in Ukraine, for this, a woman must be registered and have a local analogue of the Ukrainian exchange card. Usually, in order to be registered, a Ukrainian woman must have health insurance. It will be a plus if the pregnant woman has her Ukrainian exchange card. Data about the pregnancy and the state of health from it can be translated and provided to the doctor who will manage the pregnancy. In the absence of such documentation, the doctor will prescribe a number of tests and studies.

It is worth noting that childbirth and emergency medical care for pregnant women are provided free of charge to all women, even without medical insurance and documents on temporary protection on the territory of the state.

In different European countries, the list of necessary tests and services provided differs.


• Ukrainian women have the right to free pregnancy management, childbirth and newborn care, but only in medical institutions that have a contract with the National Health Fund of Poland (NFZ).

• you need to visit a doctor for registration. During the first visit, the pregnant woman will be registered, a registration card will be drawn up and a social and family midwife will be assigned to the pregnant woman, who will help both the woman and the child.


• free medical care is provided during pregnancy, childbirth in a medical institution and the postpartum period, free examination by a dentist and an ophthalmologist, at least 6 visits to a doctor, ultrasound and tests.


• free pregnancy management in state hospitals, Mother and Child Protection Centers, health centers and private clinics. Tests, ultrasounds, medications (except some vitamins), tests, consultations, compression stockings and bandages are also provided free of charge. A pregnant woman can choose a hospital where she wants to give birth, including from among the country's private clinics, which have a higher level of comfort, but are less equipped with medical equipment.

• a pregnant woman must be registered before the end of the first trimester of pregnancy or, if her term is longer, immediately after arriving in the country. More details - here.

United Kingdom

• free medical care during pregnancy and after childbirth. The services of a visiting nurse are provided - a qualified specialist who has completed special training courses and monitors the health and development of children under 5 years of age.

• to receive it, you need to contact your family doctor or midwife as soon as possible. More information on pregnancy in Great Britain here, for Scotland - at the link.


• free medical care is provided in medical centers or at a general practitioner. The patient can choose a doctor independently. Examination data are recorded in the mother's passport.


• free medical services during pregnancy and childbirth, courses for expectant mothers.

Czech Republic

• assistance to pregnant women and women in labor is provided if insurance is available. To accompany the pregnancy, it is necessary to register with a gynecologist. A woman can choose a maternity hospital on her own. In most maternity hospitals, it is necessary to get registered at 14+ weeks of pregnancy, in some institutions it can be done online.

• If the birth took place before the woman received documents on temporary protection, a visa must be obtained within 30 days after the birth. The child also has the right to medical assistance within 30 days before obtaining a visa. However, within 8 days from the moment of birth, the child must be insured in order to receive free medical services. You can use the services and choose a pediatrician by registering before or after childbirth.

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