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29 Jun. 2024


Masha Sebova tells about secret places in Lviv where locals go

Masha Sebova tells about secret places in Lviv where locals go

Have you come to Lviv once again, seen all the must-see sights, and don't know what else to do in this place? We have prepared for you a selection of places in the Lion City where the locals go. Find out more about the best locations in Lviv on the recommendation of Masha Sebova

Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website
Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website

Probably every tourist traveling in Ukraine has been to Lviv at least once. But how do the locals see this city? Where do they go, what routes do they take, what establishments do they choose?

YouTube blogger Masha Sebova has released a video in which she explores Lviv with locals. The real secrets and favorite places are shared by those who really know the Lion City.

Visit Ukraine editorial team has carefully watched the video and is ready to share it with you:

1. What modern locations and establishments are chosen by traveler and volunteer Khrystyna Zhuk;

2. What is the favorite street of blogger Yarema Dukh;

3. What locations hidden from tourists Pavlo Gudimov, the head of Lviv Sculpture Week, recommends visiting.

Stay with us and travel around the incredible city of Lion!

Personal recommendations from Masha Sebova

The blogger also recommends visiting the Second Floor restaurant. It is impossible to get here by accident, because at the entrance you need to call the intercom and enter the usual entrance of an old Lviv house. Here you will be pleasantly surprised by the numerous artistic elements of the interior, as well as the open kitchen. The menu concept here is also unusual, it is presented in the form of a chessboard. The format and food are extremely interesting. 

Don't forget to visit Stryiskyi Park, where you can enjoy the atypical atmosphere of nature in the center of Lviv. The park is located at the bottom of a gully, so it is reliably protected from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city. Here you can visit a free greenhouse that immerses visitors in the atmosphere of the real tropics.

Another top location is Black Honey. Here you can enjoy high-quality and delicious coffee, work comfortably, or just fantasize over a cup of aromatic drink. The interior is completely atypical for Lviv coffee shops, impressing with its modernity, conciseness and sophistication. The highlight of the place is a variety of coffee brewing methods.

And if you come to Lviv in the fall, be sure to visit the book fair organized by the Publishers' Forum at the end of Lysenko Street. It takes place every year in September-October, and at this time Lviv turns into a real literary party, as all the most prominent poets, writers, and publishers come here. A very interesting event is the Night of Poetry, which since the beginning of the war has lasted only until 10 pm.

What locations does Yarema Dukh recommend visiting?

Yarema Dukh is a YouTube blogger who deals with political and strategic communications. He believes that a real must-have when traveling to Lviv is a walk down Lysenko Street. Although there is no opera house, town hall, or other popular tourist attractions, this is its main advantage. There are no noisy crowds of tourists here, but you can find many hidden interesting locations. There is a separate Wikipedia page dedicated to this street, where each house is marked with a detailed explanation of what used to be in it.

The history of Lysenko Street dates back to the times of the Galicia-Volyn principality, when it was of national importance, as it was the route from Lviv to Kyiv. The street was built later than the historic city center. Therefore, a large number of buildings of that era have been preserved here, and it is almost impossible to find a single new building. But even after reconstructions, the buildings still have all the old historical inscriptions and plaques.