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19 May. 2022


Ukraine has celebrated Vyshyvanka Day: how it was



Ukraine has celebrated Vyshyvanka Day: how it was

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Today Ukrainians celebrate Vyshyvanka Day. Vyshyvanka is a traditional Ukrainian clothing, mostly shirt, with originally a hand-made emroidery. Traditionally, Vyshyvanka Day falls annually on the third Thursday in May. Vyshyvanka Day has been celebrated since 2006, when a student of the Faculty of History, Political Science and International Relations of the Yuri Fedkovych National University of Chernivtsi invited her classmates and students to come all in embroidered shirts one day. Subsequently, the holiday rose to the national level, it started to be joined by the Ukrainian diaspora around the world, as well as supporters of Ukraine.

If we go back to history, there is no clear date of the embroidered shirt origin. It is said that the Ukrainian embroidered shirt is extremely ancient and embroidered clothes were created before the VI century. Ukrainians believed that the embroidered shirt is a talisman against all the evil that can happen in human life, and tried to encode happiness, destiny, life and will in the ornament. Almost every Ukrainian family has an embroidered shirt with different patterns on it. Each region of Ukraine has a specific pattern, ornaments, traditional colors, which embroider a shirt and are typical for this area.

Vyshyvanka Day is not tied to any state or religious holiday. The holiday does not include mandatory events, and anyone can join it. It is enough to simply wear an embroidered shirt or clothes with elements of Ukrainian embroidered shirt. The very idea of ​​the holiday is to preserve Ukrainian values ​​and promote them among young people and the general population. In the conditions of the war with Russia, this day is even more important for Ukrainians, because we can once again remind the whole world about the independent culture of the Ukrainian nation and the difference from Russia.