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27 May. 2022


How to use Ukrainian driving license in Poland?

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How to use Ukrainian driving license in Poland?

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Many Ukrainians have traveled to Poland by their own cars and are faced with the question of their use in the neighboring country. We have compiled a few rules to keep in mind when traveling in Poland by car.

First, from April 28 there is a requirement for a green card when entering Poland. If you haven't managed to buy a green card in Ukraine, you will have to buy it at the border or from foreign insurers. Every car traveling on the roads of Poland must have a car insurance, so after the expiration of the green card, car insurance will need to be extended. Remember that in Poland there are high fines for lack of car insurance.

Some Polish insurers offer free insurance to support Ukrainian car owners (usually no more than 30 days). Before buying insurance, check these conditions with insurers via special contacts for Ukrainian refugees:

• Allianz, support line 22 564 06 61

• PZU, 22 505 15 63 (PZU agents are also present at some border crossing points)

• Ergo Hestia, 58 766 34 04

As for the driver's license, according to the Special Law for Ukrainians, citizens who have received a PESEL UKR can travel until the end of 2022 with a Ukrainian license. For foreigners who are not subject to the Special Law, you can travel in Poland with a foreign license for up to six months. 

Moreover, if a citizen of Ukraine has an expired driver's license, you can also drive with an expired document until the end of 2022 without the need to renew it.

Also, citizens of Ukraine who entered Poland after February 24 and received PESEL UKR, are exempt from the obligation to carry a technical passport or other document confirming the right to own a car until December 31, 2022 - this is done for the citizens who were fleeing the war by cars issued to relatives or other acquaintances. Accordingly, this exemption does not apply to foreigners who do not have PESEL UKR.

Earlier we reported what offenses on the roads of Poland should be avoided and what fines this is fraught with.

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