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04 Apr. 2022


Fines on the roads of Poland

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Fines on the roads of Poland

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Poland, like any other country, has its own peculiarities of traffic regulations and its own system of penalties for violations, which are quite severe and much greater than in Ukraine.

Importantly! At the beginning of 2022, a law (Dz.U. 2021 pos. 2328) came into force in Poland, which significantly increased the fines for the most common traffic violations. In particular, now the maximum amount of fines issued on the road can reach 5 thousand zlotys, and by court decision 30 thousand zlotys.

📌 Penalties for lack of documents for the right to drive a car

Each of the following documents is mandatory for drivers whose cars are registered outside Poland:

• driving license

• civil liability insurance policy

• technical passport

The absence of one of the documents is PLN 50, but not more than PLN 250.

📌 Penalty for an invalid Green Card in Poland

Deadline after the end of the insurance policy and the amount of the fine for drivers of cars:

up to 3 days - PLN 1,200.

from 4 to 14 days - PLN 3,010.

more than 14 days - PLN 6,020

📌 Penalties for speeding in Poland

Speeding and fines:

up to 10 km / h - PLN 50

from 11 to 15 km / h - PLN 100

from 16 to 20 km / h - PLN 200

from 21 to 25 km / h - PLN 300

from 26 to 30 km / h - PLN 400

from 31 to 40 km / h - 800/1600 PLN

from 41 to 50 km / h - 1000/2000 PLN

from 51 to 60 km / h - 1500/3000 PLN

from 61 to 70 km / h - 2000/4000 PLN

71 and more km / h - PLN 2,500 / 5,000

📌 Penalties for non-compliance with police requirements

The fine for such a violation reaches 500 zlotys. At the same time, a fine can be obtained both for getting out of the car without permission and for removing your hands from the steering wheel.

📌 Penalties for drunk driving

The fine for detecting alcohol or drug intoxication is 2.5 thousand zlotys. Drivers can also be arrested and disqualified from 3 to 15 years, depending on the circumstances.

☝️ Detection of 0.5 ppm is considered a crime and punishable by 2 years in prison.

If intoxication was the cause of the accident, the driver can be deprived of his license and imprisoned for up to 3 years

📌 Penalties for parking violations in Poland

Penalty for unpaid parking - 100 zlotys and a block of wheels.

The fine for on-site parking for the disabled is PLN 800 and evacuation is possible.

The fine for using someone else's parking card is from 400 to 1,200 zlotys.

📌 Penalties for violation of passenger transportation rules

If the number of passengers in the car is exceeded, then for each extra passenger fine of 300 zlotys and revocation of rights for 90 days are presumed

Other common fines:

• for not wearing a seat belt - PLN 100

• no helmet on two-wheeled vehicles - PLN 100

• phone call while driving - PLN 500

• smoking or eating while driving - PLN 50

• absence of a sign indicating the state where the vehicle is registered (for foreigners) - PLN 100

• driving at a red light - PLN 500

• violation of overtaking rules - PLN 300-2000

• violation of the rules of crossing railway tracks - 2000-4000 PLN

• driving a car without headlights on - PLN 100-300

• reversal in a forbidden place - 200-400 zlotys;

• lane change in an unauthorized place - PLN 100-300

• not giving preference to traffic (pedestrians or other drivers) - 300-3000 PLN

• covering license plates - PLN 500

• violation of traffic rules, which could have caused an emergency situation - from PLN 1,000.

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