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11 Jun. 2022


Car customs clearance will become available in Diia



Car customs clearance will become available in Diia

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As part of the new anti-corruption reform in Ukraine, rapid customs clearance of cars through Diia app will start operating soon. The service is fully digitalized, and therefore protects against price manipulation.

We will remind you, that since April 9 the excise duty, the import duty, and the VAT were canceled for the cars imported by physical persons from abroad in Ukraine. However, from July 1, these relaxations are planned to be canceled: next week the relevant bill will be put to a vote in the Verkhovna Rada. Instead, the government is proposing to introduce simplified customs clearance of cars in a couple of clicks in Diia.

In particular, the application will create a special customs calculator, where you can calculate the cost of customs duties before buying a car. To submit a declaration, you will need to enter the VIN-code of the car, and the calculation of all payments will be made automatically. Payment of the duty in Diia will take 5 minutes, after which the car can be registered in the same application. The Ministry of Finance is currently awaiting the adoption of the relevant law in the Parliament.

Since the beginning of the easing, more than 140,000 cars with European plates have been imported into Ukraine, resulting in the government calling for the return of pre-war taxation.