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13 Jun. 2022


How to exchange a Ukrainian driver's license for a Spanish one?

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How to exchange a Ukrainian driver's license for a Spanish one?

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After the start of the war in Ukraine, many citizens traveled to Spain in their own cars. In this regard, the Spanish Ministry of the Interior has extended the validity of Ukrainian driver's licenses to 12 months.

After this period, the certificate will not be considered valid and must be replaced by a Spanish-style document. Otherwise, you may be fined.

Back in 2010, a decision was made to exchange Ukrainian certificates for Spanish ones for those Ukrainians who have a residence permit in the country. It is important that you do not need to study at a Spanish driving school to change your license.

Pay attention:

• If you have a certificate of category A1, A, B, B + E - you can exchange the certificate without an exam;

• For holders of certificates of categories C1, C1 + E, C, C + E, D1, D1 + E, D, D + E you need to pass an exam.

If you want to exchange your certificate for a Spanish one, be prepared that the Ukrainian document will be taken away from you. After submitting the documents you will be issued a temporary permission certificate to drive a car. You will receive the finished certificate by mail in 45 days.


First, you need to make an appointment (take a cita) at the General Directorate of Traffic of Spain. Call 060 (from the Spanish number) or +34902887060. Be prepared to be spoken to in Spanish. It is also possible to register online via the link. In the window on the left, select the city, and in the window on the right - Canjes de permisos de conducir. Next, select Ucrania and tick the box for captcha.

! There are currently no recording slots available in Catalonia. You can make an appointment in another city in Spain and go there.


Be prepared to spend time preparing. Carefully study the list of documents that you must provide before obtaining a Spanish driver's license.

• Statement of responsibility from the holder of a driver's license issued in Ukraine. You can download the document by following the link. Print page №4 and fill it out. It is this statement that replaces the confirmation of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which Spain requested earlier;

• Questionnaire for the exchange of driver's licenses;

• Original driver's license. Please note that the electronic version of the Diia application is not accepted;

• Original passport;

• The original of the resident's document or a document confirming the status of temporary protection;

•  Medical certificate:

- for categories A1, A, B, and B + E - a certificate "Informe de aptitud del grupo I" is required;

- for categories C1, C1 + E, C, C + E, D1, D1 + E, D, and D + E - a certificate "Informe de aptitud del grupo II" is required.

Such a certificate is valid for 3 months. Be careful and take into account the registration date. The list of accredited medical institutions can be found at the link.

• photo 3.2x2.6 cm;

• state duty paid:

- For categories A1, A, B and B + E - € 28.87;

- For categories C1, C1 + E, C, C + E, D1, D1 + E, D and D + E - € 94.05.

In Spain, driver's licenses are valid for 10 years. After the expiration of the term, it is necessary to obtain a medical certificate again and change the physical document.