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18 Jun. 2022


Cryptocurrency financial assistance for IDPs: how to get



Cryptocurrency financial assistance for IDPs: how to get

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Please note! The program is now closed

Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrencies, has allocated $ 1.2 billion to help Ukrainian women affected by russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In particular, these are women over the age of 18 who have the status of IDPs and are in shelters in Kyiv and Lviv oblasts.

How to get help?

It is necessary to pass verification in one of the funds: Rotary Club Kyiv International, Palianytsia, and iSans. These are the funds that Binance Charity works with to deliver direct crypto-donations to refugees and internally displaced persons.

You can apply for funding at [email protected]

What is the amount of financial assistance?

Within 3 months, the funds will go to the crypto-wallet in the amount of 75 BUSD, which is equivalent to $ 75 per person per month. They can be withdrawn to a bank card.

Disbursement was made possible by the cooperation of the Ministry of Finance with the founder of Binance - CZ. Earlier, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange has already paid 1713 Ukrainians who were forced to leave for the EU and plans to help a total of 5,000 refugees from Ukraine.

How to get help in the cryptocurrency abroad, we wrote here.

For the IDP assistance program, please contact Rotary Club Kyiv International: