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22 Jun. 2022


Unemployed Ukrainians will be involved in public works


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Unemployed Ukrainians will be involved in public works

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On June 21, during a government meeting, prime minister Denys Shmyhal announced that the officially registered unemployed would be involved in public works if they did not find employment within 30 days.

The Prime Minister clarified what kind of socially useful work can be done during martial law: "It can be dismantling debris, construction of protective structures, landscaping, repair or agricultural work. What exactly needs to be done in each region will be determined by local authorities. "

Everyone involved in the work will receive payment in the form of the minimum wage. We will remind that the size of the minimum wage is 6500 UAH. This decision of the Cabinet of Ministers makes it impossible for the officially unemployed to refuse the offered job while receiving payments from the state. "Everyone must either fight and defend the Motherland or work for victory and for the front," Shmyhal said.

According to the decision, changes were made to the Procedure for the organization of public and other temporary works, which provide for the peculiarities of the organization of public works under martial law. From now on, public works will primarily involve people who could not be employed and workers who lost part of their salaries.

The government's decision excluded from the list of people who can be involved in public works, those who are involved in national resistance.

Unemployed people who stay abroad for more than 30 days also lose their status and benefits. According to the Prime Minister, the important task of the government is to mobilize all possible resources for the victory.

We remind you that you can apply for unemployment status in Diia application. How exactly to do it - we told in the article.